Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tap Water

Like many other kitties,
Niko does not like getting wet.

When being bathed, he gets scared and fights
as if it is the end of the world. 

(We discontinued giving bath for now as it is too
stressful for Niko and replaced it with cat wipes.)

So I was pleasantly surprised when
he began to show interest in running water at sink.

Of course, Niko!
Let me turn on the faucet.

Is it good, Niko?

Hey, your hair...

Niko, your hair is standing up!

Are you okay?

Uh...should I stop water?
You look kind of frightened.

I wonder if Niko is interested in running water
but at the same time terrified of getting wet.


As for Goro, 
he does not like getting wet, either. 

When being bathed, he gets uncomfortable and screams 
as if it is the end of the world.

But he does not mind having a wet head.


  1. Us Cats do that to keep you Humans busy guessing. Truthfully, when you're out of the house, we enjoy a long soak in the tub!
    With candles and bath oil.

  2. We thought it was funny that Niko's furs were all standing on end!

    We do not get bathed. If we ever were, it was before we came to our forever home. No way would our mom attempt it!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. I only ever bathed Bibi when he was a small kitten and had a "bit if an accident." Otherwise, I don't bather any of teh Chans either.


  4. Oh Niko, you got a mohawk! Harley gets that ridge of hair down his back when he is at the vet's office.

  5. Cute photos...We've never had a bath in water, but we do the same things when drinking water=we all love drinking from the faucet and fountain and we all (especially Calle and Halle) get the tops of our heads soaking wet all the time!...Happy week ahead, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Oh you kitties make me laugh and laugh! Banjo is a pretty good kitty during bath time. But since he doesn't go outside very often, he only has to have a bath about once a year.

    How come water out of the tap always tastes better than the water out of the fancy fountains we buy you kitties??? ;)

    xo Catherine

  7. My mom said I have the strength of ten Klingon Warriors when even the idea of a bath is brought up. ONCE she and her sons made the mistake of bathing me. Took all 4 of them and it was a terrible sight to see. Plus I lost my dignity looking so unfeminine and beautiful with my furs plastered down all over me. NEVER again!

  8. This post is hilarious! (maybe cuz I'm also a big swimmer! ) I guess bathing is on their own terms! I remember when my mother gave a bath to my childhood cat when he got into something. It was as the Admiral said, they suddenly have the strength of warriors! The cat flattened out like an overpass bridge so as not to touch his feet to the water!

  9. I'm with you there, I love to drink the water...but that's it fur sure!

  10. You two have a very complicated relationship with water.

  11. Hee hee! The water is exciting, eh Niko? we react the same way to baths but for some reason it's different if we're playin in a water bowl or sink with our paws :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  12. Niko, That's pretty wicked !!! But as long as you are enjoy drinking should be O.K.

    Goro, I love to put my paws into the water too but not wet my head. But It's pretty good idea to clean our head because we can't bath ourselves in the area

    Have a wonderful day guys : )

  13. I must be awful but I have never bathed either of my cats....EVER!

    I didn't think that we had to. Cats are super good at cleaning your photos!

  14. You guys are too cute! I think theese is excellent that you two are taking the bath thing into your own paws and washing yourselves in the sink and under your fountain! Then maybe your Mom will forget about giving you baths! I'z never had a bath...(You can also borrow some of my cologne if you want and then you'll smell nice and your Mom won't thinks you need a bath...)

  15. one of my previous cats loved drinking from the sink too. :) he didn't like getting wet, though.

    i'm surprised that Niko is preferring water from the sink over the nice running water from the fountain-thingie.

  16. My Human says she has never given a cat a bath and she's had kittehs since she was three years old!

    If she ever even THOUGHT about giving ME a bath, she'd have to call the blood bank first, MOL!

  17. So cute!!! Casper is just like Goro and loves to play in the fountain...his head is always wet too!!!

  18. Niko and Goro,
    I think we kitties have to petition to get a label or sumthing that says "dry clean only" on us! So the humans know.... I looooove drinking straight from the faucet too. Thanks for visiting... purrr...meow!!!

  19. Goro! I have that same fountain! My dad won't let me drink from the bathtub faucet anymore and they're making me drink from the fountain thing. I don't mind drinking from it but it does get water on my ears. I don't know why there's water pouring out of it. I'm not going to drink from that stream. It's not the tub! I'd rather just have a bowl.


  20. The only time I have bathed a cat was if it got into something that it couldn't clean itself. I leave them to clean themselves and I find they always smell good. What I do is brush them all the time. That helps get rid of dirt and old hair. Love your blog. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  21. Goro and Niko are just like Moosey! He does not like getting wet, either, but he loves drinking from the faucet and going into the shower after mom and dad are finished. And after he does so, he always has a wet head ... and he does not seem to mind. :)

  22. I know it is totally opposite with the dogs
    But as Niko chan said she doesn't mind getting wet in hand or head:-)
    I can seen Niko Chan has a bit of uncomfortable
    in the sink? but still enjoy drink water from taps:-)
    Wish a Happy Easter for both of you and your mum and dad.

  23. We are so thankful, because our Mom knows darn well, if she tried to give us a bath, she would be bloody for days. No way are we having a bath. One of two of us will drink out of the faucet. We understand Niko. Take care.

  24. Maybe a shower would suit you better!

  25. That t-shirt has been through quite a battle! It's always been an interesting contradiction that cats love sinks and showers, but hate water :)

  26. Our mom has not tried bathing a cat since our brothers at the Bridge were babies (gosh, over 20 years ago!!). She still remembers the blood loss. I, Zoe, don't mind getting myself wet when my mom is taking a bath. But I don't know if Fuzzy has EVER been wet!

  27. I'm new here via Catsparella (Odin is my kitty) and your cats are gorgeous! Gris Gris my Russiam Blue mix likes to drink out of a fishbowl(without fish).

  28. I just stop by to say " Happy Easter " : )


  29. Niko, were you scared of that tap water?? Haha!!

  30. Happy Easter, Kittehs and Humans! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  31. I love my fountain and my bowl, but don't like getting my face wet. I do like the faucet too.
    Mom wants to bathe me but she won't.
    xoxo Kassey