Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cat Bed

I saw this cat-shaped cat bed in a store.
It was so cute that I had to get it.

As usual, Goro came right over to
check it out. He loves anything new.

As usual, Niko was a little scared.

But he was showing an interest, too.

I put the cat bed on a chair in 
the living room, hoping they will use it.

One night, I saw Niko playing around the 
cat bed. He seemed more comfortable with it.


Good morning, boys. Niko, I saw you
making friends with the cat bed last night.


Well... The bed can be kind of spooky with two 
eyes looking at me. But there is no way it can roam... 

Oh my gosh, it's gone! 
No, no, no, it can not happen!!

Dad: "Oh, I moved the cat bed upstairs."

I... know that, Goro.

It was an incident that made my 
hot summer day a little cooler.


  1. You know what, Boys? I think that *thing* looks a little skeery.

    I would not really trust it--sure, the Dad SAYS he moved it---but how do you REALLY know? It mighta creeped up there all by itself!

    Still, maybe you should try sleeping on it, if only to hold it down!

  2. Boys, Spitty is right..sleep on it so it can't move. Watch out for each other and mom and dad in case it creeps into THEIR room. YOU two are the house guardians now.

    Niko san, my mom thinks you are just precious. She loves both of you but Niko just make mommy smile so much. Goro san too. (Niko..mommy loves you).


  3. We think you ought to whap that cat bed into submission so it will not dare move from the chair!!

  4. Don't worry, boys ... the bed won't move, and it's REALLY comfortable! We know because we have them at the shelter where we volunteer. The cats there all love them! :)

    Have a great weekend, Goro and Niko (and mom and dad, too)!

  5. TW bought a bed like that and she had to give it away cos I never went near it. Mine moved around too.

  6. Hmmm, I thinks you two need to keep an eye on theese "cat bed"...Hope you enjoyed your weekend my boys!

  7. Goro, You know what ? You are very brave for new thing ! I'm never ever get into the new thing that quick ! The smell just blow me away : )
    Enjoy your new bed !

  8. That cat bed is totally adorable...but not as adorable as you boys!!!

  9. Cool! I want one too! purrr *giggles*

  10. Goro san,& Niko san so glad you both have a difference personality.
    Niko's has more japanese way of nature?
    I wondering who going to sleep in the cat bed?
    I bet Goro san:-)
    Take care both!
    Big Hugs,

  11. I am a little bit skerred of beds sometimes, too!

  12. MOL! Funny Niko. :)
    Luna Kitty

  13. Oh, Really Lovely Bed!!!
    So sorry that it had to be moved to upstairs. Haha, both of you wait untill the cool fall finally comes♡♡♡

  14. lol!

    that's a really nice cat bed you guys. i hope you use it! it would be a terrible waste if you didn't! and it's even gray like you! :D

  15. We've never seen a cat cat bed, if you understand what we mean. LOL. We think it's kinda scary looking too...not sure about it!

  16. That's a cute bed! But we are happy that it's at YOUR place and not ours. Heeheehee.

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  17. That bed might end up in lots of different places, you better put a bell on it!

  18. Haha ~ such a sweet little cat bed! I think it looks friendly enough but one can never be too sure about such things. ;)
    xo catherine

  19. Niko, we love how you were playing with cat bed's tail. And saying hello to it. Too funny when it disappeared. Maybe it does roam. You two are so darn cute. We love visiting you. Take care.

  20. That bed looks a wee bit like you guys

  21. Dearest Tamago,

    What a fun story always. The expressions on their faces is like they really TELL the story and you know them so well...
    Love to you,


  22. Happy Hat Day! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

    Your pal, Pip

  23. You have to pounce it in to submission so it will know who is in charge!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  24. We love your cat bed! It is really cute.

  25. haha!! Oh you boys tricked your mom good!

  26. Just curious where you got this cat bed? It's so adorable! I can totally see my kitty napping the day away in one like that!