Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nail Trimmer

One morning...

It was found on the kitchen floor.

This is one of nail trimmers for Goro and Niko.
Obviously broken.

We usually place nail trimmers on the wine rack on
kitchen counter. This means someone dropped it,
causing it to crash down to the floor. Who did this?

Prime suspect : Goro

Goro is a natural mess maker. 
He plays with things he is not supposed to.

So, Goro. I believe you got on a counter and
had a little too much fun with the nail trimmer.

.....Goro? Are you listening to me?

Would you stop flashing your belly?
It is very distracting.

I could not continue questioning because my face
went into Goro's belly fur. (I call it a "happy place.")


Second suspect : Niko

Niko does not like his nails trimmed. It must
be convenient for him if the nail trimmer is dead.

So, Niko. I believe you have a strong motive. Only,
your miscalculation is that we have two nail trimmers.

That's true. You are a good boy, Niko.
But  you can be a little naughty sometimes...

( Evidence Photograph )

Oh, no, no, no. I'm sorry, Niko.
I do, I trust you!


Third suspect : Their Dad

Maybe he dropped the nail trimmer by accident and
left it on the floor to make me believe it was done by
one of the kids. But he denied any cover-up attempts.


So I guess this case must remain unsolved.

I'm sure many households with fur babies  
have unsolved cases like this as well.


  1. MOL ..Lots of Suspect here : )
    But Hooray for both, Niko and Goro !!! No Claws Clip for a while : )

    PS : Goro, We laf a lots when your mom could not continue questioning..tee hee

  2. TWO nail trimmers? That's worse than our three Dysons!
    We say: Dust the trimmer for incriminating paw prints.

  3. Heh heh! Neither of you did it. You're foundnot guilty on account of your innocence. he he! Another winner blog

  4. A mystery? poor Goro that first thing your mummy asked for you that I understand too:-)
    Niko's has very sensitive mind isn't he?
    I think more likely their dads dropped in the floor that make you both are safe ha ha ha
    Mum can't be hard on dads either???
    A happy end Goro & Niko:-)
    Sorry did I make mess up your story Tamago san:-)

    Orchid san visit in my place and she has left a kind comments which I am very happy and became friendship with her.
    Thank you Tamago san.

    Thank you Tamago san.

  5. Sooooooooooooo many cases at our house - LOL!!! I would be distracted by belly floof too :-)

  6. Bring in the CSI team Tamago-san. See if they can crack the mystery. This is the kind of thing that happens a lot in our household. purrrr *giggles*

  7. Dear Mom of Goro & Niko,

    Perhaps you would like me to come over and question Goro & Niko further...I have some good investigative tips from a canine I know and perhaps we can get to the bottom of this.

    Psst... (Don't worry boys, when the door is closed for the interrogation, we'll be eating Num-Nums and KFC!)

  8. Oh, there's no mystery AT ALL. Teh KITTEHS is ALWAYS innocent. Therefore, it must be teh Daddy. QED and all that. Definitely Dad.

    Or maaaaaybe Niko. IF the second one ends up "accidentally" broken.....Niko for sure.

  9. Wow, it is a good thing that kitties do not leave fingerprints!

  10. Oh, we have so many unresolved mysteries in our home too. And we recently (just yesterday!) had a case of somecat murdering our brand new wok lid!

    I think that Daddy's the main's unlikely that ONLY the nail trimmer fell on the ground and not the entire wine rack....and that can only be done by someone with thumbs! Hmmmmmmm.....

  11. Dear. Tamago-san

    Haha,Haha. I LOVE this(*^_^*)
    This reminds me the detective stry (old American Drama like 'murder she wrote') I was enjoying. Prime suspectP;), I wonder you've already found the criminal(^_^)v
    Anyways, I've never seen nail trimmer for cat.

    Lots of love and Hugs xoxo, Orchid.

  12. Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise!

    BTW, we've never seen a nail trimmer like that. The mom says it looks like something she sees during her annual physical at the doctor's office. ::Shudder:: She says she wouldn't blame either of you boys if you "helped" to break it--and since we hate having our claws trimmed, we wouldn't hold either of you guilty either. LOL.

  13. I sure hope you get to the bottom of this mystery!

  14. Niko and Goro have such sweet, innocent faces. They couldn't possibly be the culprit. We have a lot mysteries like that here too.

  15. So funny! I guess we will never know who is guilty of breaking the nail trimmer. Better hide the other one very well. Hugs and nose kisses

  16. We think it was Niko, Goro AND Dad that banded together to break the trimmer!!

  17. hmmm, a mystery indeed! Goro, Niko, you both have such sweet and innocent kitty faces, we can't believe either of you ever cause any trouble ;-/ We have our own share of unsolved mysteries here too but usually it's Minnie's fault :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  18. Goro and Niko you two made our Mom laugh out loud this morning. That was terrific. We loved all of it. We have many mysteries around here too that never get solved. Certain cats going into cabinets for who knows why. Loved this post. Take care and have a super day.

  19. Haha ~ perhaps you need to set up a video camera to see who is committing such crimes!!! ;)
    Happy Week!
    xo Catherine

  20. Too funny! Who could it be? How can you sleep at night with 3 suspects in the house! (Maybe it was Colonel Mustard with a nail trimmer in the kitchen--did you ever play Clue?)

  21. haha, she'll never know who did it! That's the best part about having a sibling - if they don't see it happen, they can't prove anything!!! Nice work, boys!

  22. Such a mystery! All the suspects have such compelling motives. This one may never be solved. :)

    Have a great day, dear friends, and thanks for making us smile!

  23. Goro san and Niko san you made mommy laff and laff this evening. I think perhaps maybe Goro san "accidentlly" knocked it over..little realizing that there were TWO nail trimmers available. Niko san would never EVER knock anything over. He is far too innocent and perfect. Yes, that's it..innocent and perfect.


  24. Wow this one's a real head scratcher that's for sure!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  25. Dearest Tamago,

    What a lovely insider story again of those two furbabies! Their innocent faces and behaving like they will be beheaded instead of just a 'mani' or 'pedicure'... They can look and act so pitiful. Love that face on his Dad's lap... They talk with their facial (and body) expressions! At least, that's US, those that love furbabies, getting out of them. There might be people that miss out on all of this; but that's THEIR loss!

    Love to you,


  26. Oooh we love a mystery. But we cant blame you. The kittes here are no fans of getting their nails clipped, we usually do it at the vet. Mom has bought us a few nail clip contraptions but none of them are too our liking The dogs are a little better, particularly if mom gets them in a relaxed mood.

    The kitties of urban hounds (baby, scooter, and ernie)