Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Dish & New Box

This is Goro and Niko's water fountain dish.
(And where Goro's toys are drowned)

While cleaning the dish, I dropped and broke it.
I blame the gravity.

So we went to a store to get another one.

First, protect the cord (as Goro loves to chew on it.)

And the dish is set!

Goro, your head is getting wet.

But more importantly, Goro and Niko got to enjoy
the box which the water dish came in.

There was a cardboard inside the box used as
a divider. Goro seems to enjoy it even more.

Happy singing.

Overflowing tummy fat.

Now you are wearing the box?


  1. We know we say this almost every time we comment, but you guys ALWAYS make us smile and laugh. More importantly, you make our mom smile and laugh, and she doesn't do enough of that. :-)

    Hurray for new water fountains, but especially for boxes and box inserts. LOL.

  2. Very nice of your humans to replace the broke dish so soon and to take you with to help choose the right one. Very nice indeed! Someday, I'm gonna have to get my clan one of those fancy fountains.

  3. No post of yours is complete with out happy singing! We love Sundays, because we get to see you silly guys.
    And your haute couture cardboard ensemble! Enjoy your new fountain, we have one like that and we love it too.

  4. Dearest Tamago,

    We got the very same cat fountain in our garage. Oh, boxes is the very best for cats to play with. The sleep in it and check it out and LOVE it. Probably sniff it out like for us reading a book, where it came from and all its mysterious scents...
    Great story again, lots of humor.
    Love to you,

  5. Hi Tamago,
    this post made me smile a lot. Not only the nice fountain (Wiski would love it, too) but to see Goro to walk inside the box is sooo cute. What a fun they have with the simple box.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  6. Oh Goro, you are so silly!

  7. You and your boys ALWAYS make mommy come away smiling. We love all of you. Always have. SO glad my Sis Michiko introduced us.

  8. You guys are too funny, we love love love your adventures. I am also so impressed that you stay in a shopping cart!

    urban hounds

  9. I sure am glad you got a new fountain AND you got to keep the box!

  10. Boxes are sooooo cool! We also envy you your water fountain. We just have a water glass!

  11. Dearest Tamago-san,
    Haha, clumsy me often I blame the gravity as well p;)
    It is interesting to see things your lovely guys use♬♬♬ First for me to know and enjoyed the cute pictures as usual (♥^_^♥)~*

    Have a lovely new week, (it's Monday morning here, hehe)

    Lots of Love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako

  12. Aarrhhh...we shall proclaim everyday as BOX Day! purrr...meow!

  13. Haha! That box is excellent! How lucky that your fountain broke so you had to get a new one that came in such a great box!!

  14. You kitties had so much fun with all the box and cardboard stuff!

    Just wondering - if you get to go to the pet store with your human, does this mean you get to pick out a toy or treat to take home?

  15. Yeay for the new water fountain! We had one before but we refused to use it and Mommy hated to clean it (it wasn't user friendly) so off it went to the donation bin.
    We love how you can actually go shopping together with your Mom and Dad.
    Nice box outfit, Goro!

  16. That looks like fun! Stop by and pick up your award from us on Monday :-)

  17. We love that new box and the water fountain looks OK too!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. We love the fact that you get to go to the store to help with the shopping. And Goro, that is too cute, you wearing the divider. You had our Mom laughing out loud. That is certainly fur hanging out of the box, NOT fat. Take care all of you.

  19. Hi friends!!!!
    We´re from Brazil and love all kittehs of the world.
    Nice to meet you!

  20. mol! oh, Goro! you are too silly! we aren't sure what's better, the fountain or the box ;-/

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  21. We have the same water fountain and the boys just love it!!! I bought a fancy new one and after the first few days they never went near it again. Casper likes to play in the fountain a lot and his head is always wet - LOL!!! I love the pics of you playing in the box Goro, especially the one of just your legs sticking out :-)

  22. Hi goro kun and niko chan!
    You got a new dish. Looks good!
    I love the lalala photo! So cute!

  23. so glad you were able to get a new dish!!! We have a question, can you please install the "follow by email" option so that we won't miss your blog posts? We never go to our blogroll anymore!

  24. Hi, This is my first visit to your blog.
    Niko and Goro are so funny and charming that I signed up to follow you.

  25. You two are so very cute! Your posts are always so sweet and funny. Goro, we think you might start a fashion trend, and that all the cool cats will start wearing cardboard box dividers because you look so handsome and comfortable in yours.

  26. Thank you Goro and Niko (and Mom) for always making us smile! We like your new fountain, and we LOVE that new box. :)


  27. More comfortable AND more fashionable! Perhaps you could wear it while you sip from your new fountain??

  28. Goro san & Niko san,
    I was very happy to see your both
    it is nick look like plants green..
    Katie Isabella said about me with mum's ..It was a long time for us from July 2005 from her mum.
    your both with your Mum was not many years ago.
    I love you both!!

  29. We gived you a little awardie today! Come by and see XOXOXO

  30. You boys make mom laugh which she needs so much. Goro, youre cute in the box insert.

  31. Oh wow!! Gorgeous Goro!! You went shopping!!! How wonderful!! Awww and you looked like you had such fun!! Yay for your new water fountain AND box!! Lovely Niko and Goro - me and Charlie are in super AWE! You sing and know how to accessorize the box beautifully!! Take care

  32. you had us all in stitches, especially that last shot! Thank you for visiting, love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  33. That's good that you got your water fountain replaced. And how nice that you both got new boxes to play in. You two kitties always make me smile. Have a happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  34. I love that he went with you to pick out a new one! :)

  35. BOL! Sometimes the simplest things provide the most fun! :D Hilarious you two :D

    Waggin at ya,