Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cat Shelf 4 (Addition)

We installed cat shelves in the guest
bedroom in Cat Shelf Project # 2.

South wall

West wall

But there are two more walls in the room.

Goro is right.
So we got new additional shelves for kids.

As usual, Goro helped us for installation.

And as usual, Niko was bit intimidated.

But after everything was settled...

Niko came to check out the new shelves!

I'm happy to see Niko being confident :-)

Meanwhile, Goro was...

Tired from all the work

Thank you for helping us, Goro :-)

~ Random photos ~

Niko perching on a shelf

Goro checking out the tube

Niko in a cup

 Overflowing Goro

North wall

 East wall

All the walls got connected with shelves.

Now we officially call the guest bedroom 
our "Cat's Room" :-)


  1. WOW!!! That room is pawsome :o
    We wanna come over and play at your place.
    It IS a guest bedroom after all ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Those are some really cool cat shelves! Are any guests going to want to stay overnight...?

  3. Okay, you guys live in the best home EVER!


  4. P.S. That photo of Goro asleep is priceless! Hahaha!

  5. Wow, I never - never see something like that And what a space have you to hang it up ..what a fun.

  6. The boys sure have a nice bedroom...very nice. I still call the room where Kassey sunned by the window 'Kassey's bedroom' as well as her bathroom.

  7. A whole new way for them to see the house! And look down on their human servants, of course!

  8. That is so very amazing and y'all are so lucky!!! We would love to have some of those here.

  9. Those are really cool! I don't think my ancient cat would be able to use them, but in his youth, he would have loved them!

  10. Wow. I know my 3 would love some of those, especially Saphira.

  11. I would love to move there :)
    Pawsome shelves !!!!
    Envy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Wow! This is a super duper cat highway! They are very lucky. Such a different reaction from each when installing them...reminds me of ours. I love the shadow on the third from the is a shadow cat!

  13. Too cool! Glad my cats can't see this or they would be sooooo jealous.

    Enjoy NIko and Goro!

  14. You guys have the best set-up there.

  15. Wow! We love the Cats' Room! We are sure that Goro and Niko will share with any guests who come to stay with you, right? :)

  16. The cat shelves looks amazing! The Mr. said he is a fan, we might add them to our cat room too, thanks for the great idea & pictures. :)

  17. Dearest Tamago,
    You are such loving cat-Parents! Wow, that for sure is like heaven to them. How true: Goro is always helping and Niko rather watching from a safe distance!
    Great way and that will yield them a lot of activity for indoors.
    Sending you hugs from a miserable rainy Dublin, GA...

  18. We think your new Cat Room is totally ROCKIN'!!!!!

  19. Yay for the Cat's Room, so, so cool! What a great job you did with it all, we love it! Goro was a great helper and we are so glad Niko is enjoying the new room...have a wonderful week!

  20. Wonderful !
    Wonderful places to jump, lay and sleep.
    They are so lucky to have such great parents. Love the photo of napping Goro. after helping. Perfect !
    I counted the comfy cushions in my studio.. there are 8 not counting laps ! Just in one room....

    1. Preview is all woonky...
      I was just going to say What a great way to use the guest room.

      cheers, parsnip

  21. OMC, those are awesome! I like my human, really I do, but... can I move in with you?

  22. you guys live in cat heaven

    retro rover

  23. They look like they are having the time of their lives.

  24. OMG, double OMG!!!!! Wonderful! I want it, I want it!!!

  25. Oh, the Cat's Room looks great, Niko and Goro are so lucky !
    Goro is so cute napping ... he did an amazing job for sure :-)
    I enjoyed the lovely photos !
    Have a nice week,

  26. What a great variety of perches and comfortable napping spots! Wonderful job, Mom and Dad. Goro and Niko can tour the room without touching the floor.

  27. doodz...can we come bee guests at yur houz two !!! yur room iz TOTAL LEE ROCKIN AWESUM MEGA SOOOPER KEWL...good werk !!! we reeeeely like de korner unitz & de tunnelz !!! a paws...a paws ♥♥♥ pee ess...tell yur dad ta put sum perch on de blades oh de ceeling fan ...tern it on low... N ewe can haz perch dee liverd rite to yur...perch !!!

  28. That looks really great. We KNOW you will enjoy playing there.

  29. Uncle Vince forgot the get the pelican clips to hand the shelves so I have to wait until July to get a few sholves but your’s are pawsome!

  30. What fun!!! You definitely made the cats' day, they are obviously loving this....and so am I. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  31. They are lovely. The cats must be deliriously happy right now. By the way, that Zzzzz picture is adorable.

  32. Goro must have been very tired :) Looks like they are already loving their bedroom. It looks great by the way. Must be really cosy for them.

    Thank you for leaving kind words to my post. I appreciate your sympathy.

  33. Best guest room ever! Super cat highway vroooooom.

  34. Goro san, your FACE! A picture of total complete exhaustion. You were working far too hard and should have let your Dad do some of that but no, I know how you love being in charge. I hope you two will be taking guests for playdates and over night visits. I am a pretty girl cat, and I hope you two would like to have me over (I can pop through my tunnel easily to your home) and let me see how adept I am on all the shelves and tubes in the Cat's Room. Please let me know. Also, may I snuggle with Niko san? Well, both of you really. XXOO

  35. WOW!!! Those are so cool!! You kitties sure are lucky. What a playground you have. We are dying to know where you got these!

  36. Oh wow! That looks fun! Lucky you!

  37. Oh you two cats are so lucky to have such good peeps to make those shelves like that. We bet it is so much fun for both of you.Great pictures

  38. your cats have the BEST life! :)

  39. Dearest Tamago-san; Wow, your guest bedroom is now officially your "Cat's Room" or your "Boy's Room"♡♡♡ Congratulations on project successful done☆☆☆ There must have been a lot of work needed but the sweet and adorable faces of Goro-chan and Niko-chan enjoying the shelves in the pictures really made my heart warm♪ My favorite is 'Overflowing Goro' :-)

    ご主人、頑張られましたね。 素敵なパパ、ママで幸せな2人(^_^)v
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  40. How pawesome is that! Your hoomins are very well trained!

  41. Wow you two really have some nice shelves to run on. Did you see what Dad did at our house? We have a run all the way around the living room at ceiling height. Dad still wants to put some more steps and shelves up but says we have to be patient. He says if we are good we can have some in the bedroom too.
    We want some like yours with padding as ours are wood.
    Timmy and Family

  42. Tamago, thanks for visiting. I love how your boys have the catio. They're so cute.

  43. How very nice all your shelves are what fun you two must have on them. Sweet Goro good job helping get the new ones hung. Sweet Niko, you had the right idea, let them do the work and you inspect and enjoy. :) Hugs and nose kisses

  44. Goro san helped installation to need keep and Niko has new stepo and shelves I'm happy to see Niko being confident and Goro san the work thank you for helping us goro san Nick san has nice shelf.
    Dear Tamago San You never send me (Your name) in my places..I hope you can do Please OK.
    Onegai shimasu!

  45. Oh you kitties - always so entertaining! You have the coolest house ever! A kitty could not want for more.
    Sending you much love!
    xo Catherine & Banjo