Sunday, October 24, 2010


I want to use that carrier,
but Niko is using it as bed.....

He looks so comfortable.
I don't think I can ask him to move.

G...Goro! You didn't have to attack Niko.
Well...but I can use the carrier now.
I needed it to take you to the Vet, Goro.

Wait, Goro. Come here!


Goro has been having rash/redness inside his
right ear that has appeared and disappeared
repeatedly since mid-March. We have
consulted our doctor many times. It's not caused 
by any infections or ear mites. She thinks
it may be an allergic reaction to something. 

When it appeared again this October, she set up
the referral for us to consult a dermatologist.


Problem is the dermatology clinic is not located close
to where we live. We have to drive about 1 hour
 each way. Goro complained almost all the way there.

(Goro's "meow" really sounds like "why"
when he is complaining.)

After a long drive, we arrived the clinic.

There was a long waiting time.

Back at home.....
Maybe Niko is having a good time now
because there is no one (=Goro) to pick on him.

Finally, we got a diagnosis.

According to the result of exam,
 his skin condition is not caused by
any infections or ear mites. Dermatologist thinks
it may be an allergic reaction to something.
We got a list of antihistamine.

We were all so exhausted.
I was not sure if it was worth the trip.
Goro was not happy about this at all.

When we get home, maybe he will
attack Niko to take his stress out on him.

After a long drive, we arrived home.
We were out for about 5 hours
but it felt like much longer.
(And this is a long post. Wrap it up already!)

It did not seem that Niko was disappointed
to see Goro. He was just hungry.

Maybe Niko slept away all afternoon
and didn't even notice that we were out.

Goro did not attack Niko.
Maybe he was too tired to care about
Niko after such a long day.



I may have been wrong about everything.

Maybe they missed each other.

It was the very first time I've ever seen
Goro and Niko napping right next to each other.

It certainly made my day.


  1. What an exciting story! I lubbed it! There was character, suspense, good dialogue! Everything a kitteh could want.

    Hope your ear gets better, man!

  2. Goro! What an awful horrible thing...the VET! But it sure made for a good story.

    The photo of Niko humming happily on the bed is PRICELESS. Mommy cracked up.

  3. What a cute story ~ but too bad the vet could not be more specific about the rash. That was a long trip for Goro ~ poor kitty!

    Hope whatever it is gets cleared up soon!

    Happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  4. Wow, that really was quite a day, I sure hope your itchy rash gets all better soon!

  5. I loved this post, cute story, and I hope Goro's rash is soon gone. Sure was a long trip for those two to be separated too....Mom and Me....Kassey

  6. Poor Goro having a rash thats really itchy things I do know that too, I am human but I have has rash on behind my neck off and on it mostly in the hefever season....

    By the way I have friend Adventures of Admiral Hestorb (lady cat)she has been a rash problems
    but her is differece reason and she hate to go the VET.
    She has a beautiful space would you like to visit her?
    I hope you get better soon.

  7. Wow, Goro had quite an adventure! I'm glad he will get some antihistamines and hopefully they will help him :-) Such a sweet picture to see them napping (almost snuggling) together.

    My boys have the same water fountain and they love it!!

  8. Oh Goro, we're sorry to hear you're having a problem with your ears. We hope those antihistamines helps you.

    And how nice that you and Niko are napping together. We think you're both so tired you don't care where you sleep!

  9. We hope Goro's allergy/condition clears up soon. Annie had a skin condition years ago, but our mom thinks it was either an allergic reaction to something in the food, or more likely, a reaction to all the dust and whatnot in the wall-to-wall carpet. Because once she got rid of most of the carpet, Annie's skin condition cleared up.

    Paws crossed for you, Goro!

  10. I hope Goro's skin condition clears up, and it seems a bit of separation does you boys good.

  11. We are purraying that Goro's skin allergy gets better soon. Does Goro get to go outside as we wondered if he may have rubbed against a plant or a bush.
    There is a saying here that absence makes the heart grow fonder - it seems to with Goro and Niko.

  12. Michiko san, thank you for introducing Admiral Hestorb. I could find her on google. She is such a cute kitty!
    Thank you everyone for your sweet comments and some ideas for the cause of his condition. We keep an eye on what he is exposed to when he gets rash.

  13. Thank you so much for the visit. Momma and I are SO glad to meet a friend of momma's cyber sister Michiko.

    Mom laughed and laughed reading this blog to me. I almost had to ask her to stop laughing so I could understand what she was reading.

    Your boys are just like all man cats!Of course, I sing Klingon Opera when *I* go to the v-e-t. I HATE going and I make it horrible for momma. I sing to momma in the night time too. Not all night. Just enough to keep her on her toes!

    ♥♥♥ Purrs

  14. What a nice way to end the day! We are so happy that Goro and Niko took a nap together. Our cats Moosey and Sammy curled up together for the first time ever on our bed two nights ago .. it was amazing.

  15. Goroniko-mama > OMG, sounds like he is too young to have allergy...  ところで、またグレーの子猫保護しちゃいました。。。 でも、もうお家みつけましたが。
    それと、私のHotmail のメルアド、使えなくなってしまって、新しく に作りました。前のと一緒でHotmail.comから に変わっただけです。

  16. Goro, you were very brave, and we liked the photo of you and Niko napping together too.