Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bird House

One afternoon, Goro & I went out on the
deck and found something rather unusual.

There were pine needles, twigs,
etc. scattered on the floor.

And we found this!

Well, birds picked a convenient location.
Right in front of the restaurant.

However, it couldn't be worse because...

It's right inside the catio!
(What are they thinking?)

No, no, Goro. Let's go inside.
You can't play with it.

That's a bird nest.
Mama bird is going to lay eggs there.

Not a good idea, Goro.

I had to remove the nest before birds
moved in. Removing active nest is unsafe
for babies (plus I've learned it's illegal!)

We felt bad so we got this bird house.

Then set it near where
the nest was being built.

And a few days later...

Potential resident!

Maybe some day, we'll see bird babies
coming out of the house.

I sure look forward to meeting them :-)

Not "eating." Goro. I said "meeting."


We are new to bird housing. After reading more
about it, I learned it wasn't really a good location.
(Near door, not in shade, etc.) We may move it to
somewhere else if the house doesn't "sell." Either
way, I hope it gives bird family a good home :-)