Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Storm

On Friday, our office closed early due to 
approaching winter storm.

( may be nothing for friends living in the North.)

I was happy to see my boys early in the afternoon.


Oh, no no no, we are not going to the Vet.

(When I come home earlier than usual,
it's often because someone has to go to the Vet.) 

It's too cold outside, Goro.

I know, Niko.
I mean, not until next week :-)

Niko will have his annual checkup next Saturday.
Please wish him luck!

Later as it was getting colder, I let Goro wear a scarf.

Wow, Goro. You look super handsome!

I wonder if he enjoys wearing kitty clothes...

Stay warm, everyone!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Busy Days

I have been busy at work for the last couple of
weeks and coming home late every night. I sure
missed spending more time with Goro & Niko.

Things seem to be back to normal now. I can come
home at normal hours and play with kids. (I hope!)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lesson One

Since holiday is over...

Goro, Niko. Let me give you a language lesson.

Goro is named after Japanese word "goro goro."

"Goro goro" has several meanings. Here are some;

#1 Loafing around, being lazy

#2 Rumbling sound of upset stomach

#3 Kitties' purring sound

Now, which meaning do you think Goro's name has?

The answer is #3. Goro was purring like a
music box when he came here to live with us.

Goro is Mr. Purr.

Niko is named after Japanese word "niko niko."

"Niko niko" is an expression of smiling face.

Niko is Mr. Smile.

We hope you purr and smile every day that is filled with
feelings of happiness and moments of laughter!