Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cat Shelf 6

Recently, we decided to
catify our living room.

Yes, this is our latest
installment of cat shelves.

Cat Shelf Project # 6

Here is my detailed (?) plan.

Well, kind of sort of as planned :-)

Goro declared ownership of
the new wall bed.

Then Niko took over.

Of course, Goro wasn't ready to give over.

...which led to a fierce whapping war.

But later, peace was restored as
more beds & shelves were installed.

We'll share the rest of this project
in the next post :-)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mysterious Critter

It's still chilly in the morning,
but spring is definitely here.

Birds are back.

Squirrels are back.

Goro is in hunting mode.

The other night, Goro & Niko
were enjoying nightly window TV.

Then I noticed something...

Niko's got a bottle brush tail!

It was too dark for me to see anything.

What's out there, Goro? I asked.

But his poker tail won't tell...

Anyway, mysterious critter is back, too.
Spring is definitely here :-)

We wish everyone a fun spring time!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Present from Japan

My birthday is in April.

We got these fantastic birthday gifts
from N-Chan, my friend in Japan!

Yes, she never forgets you, Goro! Wanna
play with this Matatabi ball?

*Matatabi = Silvervine

Um, Goro. That's a container for the toy...

Niko enjoyed the toy properly :-)

Thank you, N-Chan, for your wonderful gifts!
We all enjoyed all of them
(yep, including box and containers!)

By the way, N-Chan has a sweet,
adorable woofie boy. Here are some pictures
from their trips to fur-friendly resorts.

Taking hot spring bath

 Dinner made for woofie guest. Lucky boy!

Enjoying relaxing time  

Happy Sunday, everyone!!