Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tree Shopping

We had this old computer desk
used as a step for cat shelf.

We decided to replace it with a small cat tree.

Goro. Let us know when you find
the tree you like.

So many trees to choose from.

My heart says "Yes" but my wallet says "No."

We managed to pick one.

Also stopped by the Bird Section.

It's not a Food Section, Goro.

We finished shopping and left the store.

Back at home.
Tree was placed and approved by Niko :-)

We hope everyone had a fun weekend!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Niko's 7th Anniversary

On February 28th, we celebrated
Niko's 7th Gotcha Day.

He was a very sweet, gentle kitten.

He was also shy and reserved --- Kind of
a boy who sit back and watched others play.

Or like other kids didn't even
notice he was there.

Or always got picked on by bigger kids.

But not at the snack time.
Love of chicken made Niko bold & strong!

And that hasn't changed :-)

Niko is our sweet & gentle boy.
Shy but not so shy around chicken :-)

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!

Cutie-pie kitten Niko

Isn't he even cuter now?