Sunday, October 31, 2010

Niko's 1st Birthday

October 25th is Niko's (estimated) birthday.

We celebrated his 1st birthday
with salmon dinner on 25th.

Here is the birthday boy.

Of course! Niko.

Here is the camera....
Niko, Smile!

I'm going to take a picture....3...2...1...


Oh...I'm sorry.
Something cut across in front of camera.
I have to take a picture one more time.

Look at the camera, Niko. 3...2...1...


Goro! That was you!

We are shooting Niko's birthday photos.
Go play with your Dad. OK, Goro?

Let's change the location.
How about on a bed?

Are you ready, Niko?

Good. Smile, and...




Oh, no! Come on, Niko!

Dad took Goro to downstairs.
Don't give up and let's try again.

Oh, my sweet Niko.
I'm going to take the perfect picture for you.

(Wow, look at that fluffy tummy......)



Happy Birthday, Niko.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I want to use that carrier,
but Niko is using it as bed.....

He looks so comfortable.
I don't think I can ask him to move.

G...Goro! You didn't have to attack Niko.
Well...but I can use the carrier now.
I needed it to take you to the Vet, Goro.

Wait, Goro. Come here!


Goro has been having rash/redness inside his
right ear that has appeared and disappeared
repeatedly since mid-March. We have
consulted our doctor many times. It's not caused 
by any infections or ear mites. She thinks
it may be an allergic reaction to something. 

When it appeared again this October, she set up
the referral for us to consult a dermatologist.


Problem is the dermatology clinic is not located close
to where we live. We have to drive about 1 hour
 each way. Goro complained almost all the way there.

(Goro's "meow" really sounds like "why"
when he is complaining.)

After a long drive, we arrived the clinic.

There was a long waiting time.

Back at home.....
Maybe Niko is having a good time now
because there is no one (=Goro) to pick on him.

Finally, we got a diagnosis.

According to the result of exam,
 his skin condition is not caused by
any infections or ear mites. Dermatologist thinks
it may be an allergic reaction to something.
We got a list of antihistamine.

We were all so exhausted.
I was not sure if it was worth the trip.
Goro was not happy about this at all.

When we get home, maybe he will
attack Niko to take his stress out on him.

After a long drive, we arrived home.
We were out for about 5 hours
but it felt like much longer.
(And this is a long post. Wrap it up already!)

It did not seem that Niko was disappointed
to see Goro. He was just hungry.

Maybe Niko slept away all afternoon
and didn't even notice that we were out.

Goro did not attack Niko.
Maybe he was too tired to care about
Niko after such a long day.



I may have been wrong about everything.

Maybe they missed each other.

It was the very first time I've ever seen
Goro and Niko napping right next to each other.

It certainly made my day.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Earlier last week.....

Kids, we will have a guest coming over.
She will stay here for about a week.

Goro is sociable but Niko is shy.


She is my friend from Japan, my home country.
After a long, long flight, she arrived.

She brought us a lot of souvenirs.

As expected, Goro was very friendly.

As expected, Niko did not get close to her.

Goro tried to encourage Niko.

But as days went by,
Niko began to feel safe and came out of his hiding.


Soon it was time for her to go home.
We all enjoyed her staying here.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Persuade Goro

The refrigerator has been seized by Goro.
I'm going to persuade him to come out.

Goro, you should not be in that box.
It's a scary box that will eat you.

Wha...what are you talking about?
You've eaten all the snacks in this house.
There is no more left.

Oh, uh....well...... did eat too much snack today.....


Persuasion failed.

Niko is waiting to mooch.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Find Niko

Goro always loves to be in the middle of an action.

Hi, Goro.
I haven't seen Niko for a while.
Do you know where he is?

Do you want to stop joking
and go looking for Niko?


Compared to Goro, who actively asks for attention,
Niko is more reserved and low-key. He also seems
to enjoy his alone time. When he disappears, I try
to locate him just to make sure he is okay.

Goro, you are the only one who would go in there.

That may be because you recently chased him off
when he was napping there.

What? Niko does not go outside.

I'm very worried now, Goro.


Well, Niko is not in his usual hiding places.

Where can he be....?


Oh, Niko, there you are, on a cat tree!
I was focusing on your hideaways
and overlooked a normal place.

What are you doing, my sweet Niko?

That's nice. Though, isn't it almost your nap time?

Oh, you are a sleepy head. Take a nap, Niko.

You will, Niko. I'll come back later
to make sure you are not having a bad dream.


A few hours later, I came back to check on Niko.

Oh, Ni...Niko......

What a bold sleeping posture!

According to the result of a research on the link
 between people's sleeping position and their
personality, those who sleep on their back with
arms and legs outstretched tend to be rather
modest and prefer not to be the center of attention.

This is a study of "people," but I have to say,
it indicates both two-legged and four-legged groups.