Sunday, July 31, 2011

Belly Check

Goro has got an athletic body.

Niko is more like fur ball.

Anyway, Goro likes to keep himself busy. And
by being active, he has been in pretty good shape.


Have you gained weight?

I think you look a little flabbier these days.

Especially your belly...

Is it? 
OK...maybe. If you say so.


Um... Hey, Goro. 

Look, your belly is hanging!

It's definitely flabbier.

(FBI: Flabby Belly Inspector), no. I am saying it's not just your fur.


Oh, Goro...

It is growing. Growing towards the ground.

As their mother, I have to make sure
my kids keep a healthy weight.

(Personally, though, I'm very fond of flabby belly.)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unusual Visitor

Goro and Niko are looking out of
window very intently.

What is it? Deer? Big bird?
I don't see anything.

But guessing from the size of Niko's tail...

It must be something very unusual.

What, Goro?

Oh, my gosh! It's a snake!

This snake looks kind of aggressive.

And making Niko's hair stand on end.

 Niko is out now.

Snake left, too.

Goro wanted to play with it a little longer.

If Goro was an outdoor kitty, 
maybe he could make friends with it.

(Or eat it.)

And Niko...

I'm glad he is an indoor kitty now.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dad's Little Boy

Goro and his Dad are buddies.

Dad: "Goro, do you want to go out on a deck?"

Goro loves to go outside.
He does not like wearing harness, though.

Dad: "Don't be a drama queen and let's go."

It's a relaxing time for Dad and fun time for Goro.

Dad: "What are you watching, Goro?"

Dad: "Dinner?" 

Dad: "Oh, you mean deer!"

Dad: "Uh... I'd rather go to a grocery store, Goro."


After dinner (no, we did not have deer,)
Goro and Dad took a little nap together.

Goro is Dad's sweet little boy.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Award & Untold Story

I'm very happy to say that our sweet friend Cat from
Cat's Cats gave us this delicious-looking award!

I love visiting Cat and her boys - Casper, Ben, Archie, and
Jimmy. I always enjoy their sweet , fun stories and photos.  
They are truly loved and reading about them makes me 
happy all the time. Thank you, Cat, for thinking about us!!

This award wants us to tell 7 unknown things about ourselves.
So I'm going to share some memories of my boys' childhood.


From the day one, Goro settled right in his new home.

Niko, on the other hand, hid under the dresser for a while.

Goro was outgoing and enjoyed his 1st shopping trip.

 Niko always felt secure and happy inside the house.

 Although Goro was always cheerful and friendly,
he showed signs of becoming a toy killer.

Niko had a childhood friend; Toy Bear.

However, this adorable red bear is no longer with us.
Sadly, he was killed by someone.

I'm glad Goro and Niko have each other.
They are good brothers. :-)


Now I'd like to pass on this award to Michiko. Her blog
is not about cats but very interesting topics she picks
for each post. I enjoy reading what she talks about 
and I also love her sweet comments she leaves for us :-)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!