Monday, December 23, 2019

A Little Cabana

Last Christmas, I got a rocking play mat for
kids and turned it into this little cabana.

Niko loved it.

It became his favorite napping spot.

Meanwhile, Goro...

Well, to Niko's relief,
Goro mostly left it alone.

But one day ---

I found Goro's ice cream cone in the cabana.
Does this mean he was here...?

* Goro carries his toys around

Sure enough, I found Goro there next time.

He began to occupy it frequently.

Niko was alarmed.

So quietly, Niko reclaimed it.

But then, Goro found it out.

Here goes a cat fight.


Yeah... Or, you can use it together!
It's large enough to hold both of you.

The word "sharing" is not in their dictionary.

Well, soon the cabana craze went away.
Now they use it casually from time to time.

Peace is restored :-)

We wish you all peace and happiness
this holiday season and always!