Sunday, January 25, 2015

Each and Both

Goro & Niko are different in many ways.

Niko makes biscuits with much passion,
while Goro is a casual kneader.

Goro leaves his deposit uncovered,
while Niko buries carefully.

Niko peeks from a tube.

Goro overflows from a tube.

Of course, Goro & Niko are similar
in many ways, too.

They share hard feelings for the VET.


They both have gorgeous tummy :-)


They ignore my "look at camera!" call.

Another thing they have in common:

Goro & Niko, each and both of them, are
loved deeply and dearly by their parents :-)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Old Bed

We got this cat-shaped cat bed
long time ago.

Goro was all over it for the first 30 seconds.
Niko was a bit scared.

Then, the cat bed was mostly ignored.

But it stayed as a bed for toys.

Recently, though, that changed.

For some reason, Niko started making biscuits
with the cat bed, and within no time...

The old cat bed has become Niko's
new favorite napping spot!

Biscuit making :-)

Of course, when Niko is using the bed,
it becomes new and bright for Goro.

Fortunately for Niko,
Goro lost interest in 30 seconds.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cat Shelf 4 (Addition)

We installed cat shelves in the guest
bedroom in Cat Shelf Project # 2.

South wall

West wall

But there are two more walls in the room.

Goro is right.
So we got new additional shelves for kids.

As usual, Goro helped us for installation.

And as usual, Niko was bit intimidated.

But after everything was settled...

Niko came to check out the new shelves!

I'm happy to see Niko being confident :-)

Meanwhile, Goro was...

Tired from all the work

Thank you for helping us, Goro :-)

~ Random photos ~

Niko perching on a shelf

Goro checking out the tube

Niko in a cup

 Overflowing Goro

North wall

 East wall

All the walls got connected with shelves.

Now we officially call the guest bedroom 
our "Cat's Room" :-)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Many Thanks

Happy New Year!

We want to start this year's post by
saying thank you to our friends!

Joan from Joan's mix max sent us these
ornaments. So pretty and elegant!

Butterfly is a giveaway gift and star is a bonus.
How sweet she is!

Thank you to Emily, Delilah, Sampson, Sophie, Sassy
& Caster from Kitty Cat Chronicles for the award!

Their posts are filled with inspiration
and lights. Always make us feel good :-)

kindly sent us this beautiful book!

It's about Lucky Cats (or Maneki Neko) and much
more. Thank you, Maggie, we love the book!

Lucky Cats/Maneki Neko are believed to bring
good luck with their beckoning paws.

Goro & Niko are certainly my lucky cats.

Goro brings laughter with his playful paws.
(And a trip over sometimes!)

Niko brings smile with his sweet kneading paws.

And they've brought you - wonderful blogging
friends! Glad they motivated me to start a blog,
even though I forget proper English spelling :-)

We wish all our friends a wonderful new year!