Sunday, January 4, 2015

Many Thanks

Happy New Year!

We want to start this year's post by
saying thank you to our friends!

Joan from Joan's mix max sent us these
ornaments. So pretty and elegant!

Butterfly is a giveaway gift and star is a bonus.
How sweet she is!

Thank you to Emily, Delilah, Sampson, Sophie, Sassy
& Caster from Kitty Cat Chronicles for the award!

Their posts are filled with inspiration
and lights. Always make us feel good :-)

kindly sent us this beautiful book!

It's about Lucky Cats (or Maneki Neko) and much
more. Thank you, Maggie, we love the book!

Lucky Cats/Maneki Neko are believed to bring
good luck with their beckoning paws.

Goro & Niko are certainly my lucky cats.

Goro brings laughter with his playful paws.
(And a trip over sometimes!)

Niko brings smile with his sweet kneading paws.

And they've brought you - wonderful blogging
friends! Glad they motivated me to start a blog,
even though I forget proper English spelling :-)

We wish all our friends a wonderful new year!




  1. Joan is a new follower of mine, only a few days. She is very generous, the star and butterfly are so beautiful! I love Goro and Niko pictures today!! The reading one is so cute! And the paw coming out to grab you. They are SO sweet, and frisky! They remind me of our two, Simba and Sunny. I did not know about the Lucky Cats. Cats themselves are lucky because they have 9 lives. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year !!
    We purr you all have a great 2015.
    We like the ornaments and other goodies.
    We especially like the paw grab of the foot and biscuit making ;) MOL
    As for spelling, we think it is because we type too fast.
    We like the Chrome spell checker ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Wow, such wonderful presents that you received from so many friends, Goro, Niko and Tamago! We are very thankful for you, and for your friendship. Hugs!

  4. Happy New Year Tamago, Goro & Niko! I know my kitties are always happy to see you (as am I). Have a wonderful 2015!

  5. What nice gifts you received! Thanks for being our furiends. We enjoy visiting you. Happy New Year!

  6. What delightful ornaments! And we LOVE the Lucky Cats book - Sparkle got one from Maggie to review a year or two ago, and the illustrations are the best! Happy 2015 to you all!

  7. Dearest Tamago,
    What a lovely post with all the special gifts; love that book's illustrations and it looks like Goro is actually reading it!
    They do bring us many smiles and that sweet 'gotcha' where Goro touches your foot is precious.
    We love our furbabies and cannot imagine how some people can treat theirs so cruel.
    Sending you hugs,

  8. heh heh heh. I sent an email to my BOSS with the word "purrfect" in it! He's a champ, and he has cats...

    Happy New Year!

  9. mom too...No more human words !
    We all here, completely successful in training human...Ha.. Ha..Ha

    Happy New Year
    And I hope you & your fameowly have a wonderful year :)

    PS : thanks a lot for purring for me :)

  10. Happy new year and hopefully a lot of nice pictures and lovely stories to read this year on your blog always give me a smile...

    Oh, what a suprise to see- the butterfly and star that I made so lovey in the tree also..And you happy I happy..Hugs ,Joan

  11. Those ornaments are truly lovely.

    A very happy new year to you all, may 2015 bring you good health, happiness, prosperity and much love.

    Purrs and peace.

  12. Those sure are pretty ornaments and that book looks good too. We hope your 2015 is purrfect too!

  13. Very nice presents, and Happy New Year!

  14. doodz...a veree happee mew yeer two ewe both N yur food serviss peepulz az well

    .....N spellin.....faaaaaaaaa...for get a bout it...!!! ☺☺☺ ♥

    ewe getted sum way awesum gifts & awardz for sure....we reeely like de Maneki Neko ....we haz a black, white, pink & purple one !!

    heerz two a yeer filled with happee nezz & health & lotz oh fish ♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Oh, such lovely presents you've received !
    Niko and Goro are so cute ... as always !
    Wishing you all a wonderful 2015 !

  16. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love those ornaments - they are so beautiful! Thanks for mentioning us too :) We enjoy your blog very much! Always look forward to your posts.
    Looks like you guys got lots of cool prezzies - enjoy!!!

  17. Goro, you have quick paws for sure! Love your ornaments so pretty and what a special Lucky Cats book! We admire your Maneki Neko cats and we adore your Lucky Cats Goro and Niko...thank you for your friendship and for bringing sweetness and light to our lives through your blog, we wish you a 2015 filled with all the very best blessings!

  18. very nice pressies! sweet! Happy New Year! our mom says she has to be careful at work that she doesn't forget who she is typing for mol! It has been a pleasure for us to visit here and we are so thankful for your friendship. Goro and Niko and beautiful boys fur sure :). We wish you many blessings this coming year. purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  19. I love this post and photos. I have fond memories of paper dolls. :)

  20. Vocês ganharam presentes muito bonitos!
    Tenham um ótimo 2015, meus queridos.

  21. Mom and I loved seeing the boys and their gifts. Their comments as they go along just make mom's and my DAY! We love when you blog Niko san and Goro san. We, mommy and me, will always be there to admire and love you. xxooxx

  22. And mommy said she is familiar with the Japanese kitty and her upraised lucky paw. xxoo

  23. Happy New Year! And congratulations on the award!

  24. Hi Tamago,
    Happy New Year to you and you loved ones. Congratulation to the well deserved award and the sweet gifts. I always love to see your sweet cats. So cute.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  25. Happy new year dear friends. May it bring all good things.

  26. Oh, I'm so glad you liked the book. I felt very lucky to have such a fun project and be able to star my own cats.
    Wishing all of us much love, health and happiness, and many more sweet moments with Goro and Niko!

  27. That was so very cool! The ornaments were lovely and the book looks like such fun! We had to laff at the whole grammar and spelling thing. US TOO!

  28. Such handsome kitties! A Happy New Year to y'all!

  29. Happy New Year to you and all your love one! Beautiful ornaments and the book pics are so cute. Thanks for the smile! :-)

  30. Dearest Tamago-san; Wow, you really had marvelous gifts; how LOVELY these handmade butterfly and star♡♡♡ And 'Of course' I love to see your friend's handmade book about 'manekineko'; Looks Like gorgeous published book(^_^)v Yes, I can believe your boys are your luck bringing angels♪♪♪ For both of you and boys, year 2015 will be a wonderful year!!!

    Happy New Year; コメント遅くなりました:-)
    昨年から私の悪い聴力の衰えが一段とひどくて、5日に新しい補聴器をもとめようとしてみました。 でも10年物の古いのと変わらぬ雑音や付け心地の悪さで断念。 鼓膜再生手術の方は成功率がイマイチ。 Haha, 少し落ち込んでいましたが旦那様と一緒に頑張ります♪♪♪

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  31. your boys are so cute. lovely gifts you received! the ornaments are lovely and the paper-cat book is wonderful!

  32. Concats on the prizes and awards. The book looks so cute. TW turned autocorrect off on the ipawd cos we have our own way of spelling.

  33. happy new year too! congrats on your awards. thank you so much for your kind words about the passing of our dear Norbert

    retro rover

  34. A very Happy New Year to all of you too. We love the way you got the Mom with your paw. Well done. You all have a wonderful day.

  35. You two certainly are fun! We have not been by in too long and apawlogize but we have to cut back visiting due to Dads shoulder problems. He says he has only enough for work and then has to rest. We say "Quit already" but it does keep us in treats and noms so...maybe next year.
    Purrs from us all
    Happy Mew Year
    Timmy Dad and Family