Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cleaning with Goro

I was putting empty boxes in a recycle bin when I saw...

Goro, is that you?

It was Goro in a empty box in a recycle bin.

Goro, would you come out of the box?
I don't want to recycle you.

Fine, you can keep it for a while. 

Oh, no, no, don't eat the box.
That's why I was throwing that box away.

Goro loves to participate in our weekend cleaning.
I think it's fun for him as we move things around.

That's totally okay, but...

Goro, would you move from there?
I don't want to vacuum you.

Poor Niko flees at the sight of vacuum cleaner,
but Goro is totally unfazed.

It seems big noise doesn't bother him.

Finally, weekend cleaning is done...fortunately
without recycling or vacuuming Goro.

Wait, maybe I need to send that box to the recycle bin.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mommy's Boy

Sweet Niko is a Mommy's boy.

We go to bed together...

We go to bathroom together...

We have good time together.


The other day I got a craving for something sweet. I
fought against the temptation but ice cream defeated me.

I was going to eat at kids' table, then Niko came...

Looks like Niko is fighting, too :-)

He deserves a big reward for being a brave fighter.

Oops, Goro caught us.

Goro got some snacks after this :-)


Niko and I spend time together a lot.

He is my sweet little boy :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Award & Niko's Laundry

We feel so honored and happy that our
very special friends gave us awards!

Thank you, Layla from Cat Wisdom 101 for Illuminating
Blogger Award. We learn a lot from you - about cats, life, and
many important things. We hope you win the Petties Award!

Thank you, Spitty from Spitty Speaks for Kreativ Blogger
Award. We've been big fan of you for a very long time. You are 
handsome, funny, and have such a gorgeous fluffy tail :-)

Thank you so much for thinking about us!!


Goro loves boxes.

Niko loves boxes as well, but I think he is
more into clothing - not fashion but pile of laundry.

While back, his Dad used
guest bedroom bed to fold laundry.

Then the guest bed became Niko's
favorite place to hang out.

Niko looked happy, which made me happy, too :-)

So we left laundry on the guest bed for him.

Until we were going to have a guest.
Laundry had to go before the guest's arrival.

Niko looked sad, which made me sad, too :-(

So I opened my underwear drawer for him.

I don't mind wearing 
furry underpants as long as Niko is happy :-)

*Mosaic used on my underwear to keep G-rating!

"Love is when the other person's
 happiness is more important than your own."
~quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.~


Now we'd like to pass on the awards, but many friends already
have them or have become award-free. So we picked two blogs
NOT to pass award but say thank you for being wonderful friends.

Fuzzy Tales - Naughty boy Nicki reminds me of Goro and sweet
Derry reminds me of Niko all the time. We love seeing them tussle.
And we love their mom! She is a very caring, wonderful friend.

Orchid's Daily Voice - Our lovely friend from Japan. Even though
I'm Japanese as well, I always learn new things about my home
country from her. We always love reading her sweet comments.

Have a happy week, everyone!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Earlier this week, on Wednesday...


Good. Only food goes on the counter.
Remember, you are not a food.

As a matter of fact, yes.

Beginning July 4th, my office is closed through Sunday.
I've decided not to go anywhere, so it's a...

We spent most of the time sleeping, which was great.

The sad part of long holiday weekend is when it ends.
I have to go back to work tomorrow :-(

I don't want to...Goro, Niko, would you go for me?

I miss my kids while I'm away...but they sure give
me energy and reason to get up and go to work.

We wish you a wonderful new week :-)


Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Dish & New Box

This is Goro and Niko's water fountain dish.
(And where Goro's toys are drowned)

While cleaning the dish, I dropped and broke it.
I blame the gravity.

So we went to a store to get another one.

First, protect the cord (as Goro loves to chew on it.)

And the dish is set!

Goro, your head is getting wet.

But more importantly, Goro and Niko got to enjoy
the box which the water dish came in.

There was a cardboard inside the box used as
a divider. Goro seems to enjoy it even more.

Happy singing.

Overflowing tummy fat.

Now you are wearing the box?