Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goro's 1st Anniversary

On September 22 last year,
Goro became a beloved member of the family.

We celebrated his first anniversary
with boiled chicken dinner together.

 He is enormous now, but one year ago...

He was just a small fur ball.
 He was only 4 months old then.

Goro was like a feather, but he gained
about 9 lbs. in a year.

He was smaller than you are now, Niko.
Can you imagine?

Niko's secret plan aside,
back then...

Goro got upper respiratory infection
and scarring around his mouth.
Even with frequent visits to the vet
and taking medication, though,
he was a happy, cheerful boy.

Goro liked to play a lot - He still does,
 and sometimes gets too playful.

He wanted to try human food - He still does,
and we have to keep
an eye on our dish all the time.

He jumped in a refrigerator when it was opened
- He still does, and we don't want to refrigerate him.

He slept like an angel - He still does,
and he can fall asleep anywhere.

He was so loved by his new Mom and Dad
- He still is and will be forever.

Happy Anniversary☆

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cotton Swab

The following is what happened
over an ordinary, just average cotton swab.

This is a cotton swab, Niko.
I use it to clean ears.

It's a  cotton swab.....Oh, well.
You can play with it while I'm watching.


Uh..... Goro, Niko.....

Kids! Stop, stop it!
There are plenty more cotton swabs!

Why? Why do they get bored with
new expensive, fancy toys in 30 seconds,
but fight over a COTTON SWAB?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cook the Birds

We have bird feeders hanging off the deck.

Many birds in the neighborhood come to dine here. 

We placed these bird feeders just to entertain our kids.

      *Flying food = Bird in cat language

Cook? Them? You mean birds?
No, no, Goro.
They are not for your dinner.

They are for you to watch and enjoy, Goro.

Your will have tummy ache again if you eat them.

What are you talking about?

Give it up, Goro. OK?


Next day, after breakfast

Oh, that is.....

Is Goro trying to tell me something? 


Goro does put his toys in his food bowl.

According to information from some websites
I found, he considers his food bowl
as a safe place to put his favorite things.

So I guess it's my imagination that he is
trying to get me to cook the bird.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sick Goro

It was a rough week, especially for Goro.

He got sick and threw up after each meal for 3 days.
He was taken to the hospital twice
during a week, and get shots and medicine.

The veterinarian thinks the beef treat I gave him
earlier might have upset his stomach.
Niko is okay eating the same beef,
so she thinks it just doesn't agree with Goro.

I was so worried about him and
prayed that he gets well soon.
He didn't move much and
wanted to just lie down all day.


We took Goro to the hospital
on Saturday for the second time.

By this time, he seemed to be feeling better.

Niko went to the hospital with Goro to keep him company.

It's Monday afternoon now and
Goro has been doing well.

He is eating without throwing up, playing hard,
and chasing Niko through the house.

We still keep a close eye on him, but I'm happy
to see that he has gotten his energy back.


Mom is so happy.
Niko, you must be happy, too. Right?

I'm so sorry that Goro had to go through a hard time.
But I'm very proud of him for fighting the sickness.