Monday, June 24, 2019

Royal Fur Family

I cook Goro & Niko's snack on weekends.

When I'm in the kitchen.
Goro always shows up to help me.

Yes, Goro. Wanna try some?

This weekend, I cooked chicken
in an air fryer. Kids love it :-)

* Taste test *

Followed by an official snack time.

Goro is our kitchen supervisor.
He works hard every day!

But of course, we mustn't forget
that kitties are royalty.

Goro, snack is ready.
Come to the table!

Yes, your highness.

And we humans are honored
to be their servant :-)

We wish you all a happy new week!



Saturday, June 1, 2019

Goro's 10th Birthday

N-Chan, my friend in Japan, kindly sends
us a wonderful gift every year.

This cute plush kitty was in
the package this year.

Based on the tag he was wearing,
it's a boy kitty named Noah.

Aren't they cute together? :-)

Of course, Goro is kidding.
He is a good brother to Niko.

His kind gesture is not always appreciated,
though. (Maybe because he starts biting.)

On May 30th, Goro turned 10 years old.
He is a good brother & our delightful fur child!

Happy birthday, Goro!
We love you!