Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Hanging Space

On the ground floor, we have a room
used for office/workout/storage.

We rarely hang out in this room.
Only sometimes, I find Goro here.

*This manly cat tree was handmade by his Dad

But that changed when I opened window.

We found a new entertainment!

Kids! Stop fighting.
Look, there are big birds on the ground.

The room has become their new favorite space
for watching TV, hanging out, and napping.

So I laid out a small futon for myself, to stay with 
Goro & Niko and be comfortable.

Soon it was occupied by Niko.

Then Goro.

Kids! Stop fighting.
There is enough room for both of you.

After Goro's nice grooming...

It's more fun to hang out together :-)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Outdoor Toy

It happened while back...when Goro and I
were hanging out on the deck.

*It was before installing new enclosure,
so Goro is wearing harness for safety.

Oh, it's almost dinner time.
Let's go inside.

(Drama queen Goro always acts like this
when wearing harness.)

You can move, Goro. Come on.

Goro made a very quick movement.

So fast that he looked like just a gray blur.

Then I heard him growling.


And I saw....

(I didn't have time to care about taking picture.)

It was a HUGE lizard's tail! Hanging out
of Goro's beautiful mouth. And moving! 



Sorry Goro...I was afraid the toy could give you
disease or something. (Or am I overprotective?)

Goro got his teeth brushed to freshen lizard breath

Life with Goro is full of excitement :-)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Enclosure on Deck

Goro & Niko's enclosure on the deck.

We liked it, but it began to fall apart.
We had to throw it away.

But don't worry. It means one thing...

New Enclosure!


We tried to plan better this time.

Look at my professional (?) drawing.

No, no.


And here it is - new enclosure.

We also had deck railing/boards replaced.

Goro soon began to explore.

Do you like your new enclosure, Goro?

Niko, come on. 

(Enclosure is placed right outside the door)

As expected, Niko didn't come out at first.

But cat grass bed warmed him up :-)

Birds came to check out, too.

Goro in his reserved seat overlooking bird restaurant

Niko exploring the enclosure

Goro & Niko

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Niko's Hat

Because you are so cute :-)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Goro's 4th Birthday

Hello, everyone.
This is Goro.

I turned 4 years old on May 30.

So my Mom, Dad, and Niko held my 
birthday party this weekend.


Mom prepared the invitation card.

Many of my friends came for me. I got nice
boxes for present. I love boxes.

Niko did the cooking. He made biscuits
(his specialty) and other tasty dishes.

Only one thing - My blogging pal Mr. Chicken
didn't show up. I hope he is okay.

I had a wonderful time.

Thank you, Mom, Dad, and Niko for the
best birthday ever!


P.S. Next day, I checked Mr. Chicken's blog on my PC
(pawable computer) to see if he updated something. I
wanted to make sure he didn't have accident or got sick.

Looks like he is fine.


Happy birthday to our bright sunshine Goro!!
Mom, Dad, & Niko