Sunday, October 28, 2012

Niko's 3rd Birthday

On October 25, we celebrated
Niko's 3rd birthday.

He is our baby boy who has
the sweetest voice in the world.

Niko's meow comes out like kitten's mew.
We always say "Niko meows like a toy."

With his lollipop voice and fluffy cuteness,
Niko always lures me into kitchen.

As I prepare his chicken, 
Niko's mew starts to sound more like "now."

He still meows like a toy :-)

Did I say Niko loves chicken?

He is madly in love with chicken...

Ah, love is blind.

After happy tummy, Niko got sleepy.

Happy birthday to our sweet baby boy :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Award & Sleepy Goro

We want to say big Thank You to our sweet  friends
from Mom And Me, KasseyThe Furries of Whisppy,
and The Poupounette for this sweet award!

We will enjoy these pretty cupcakes.
Thank you so much for thinking about us!!

Speaking of sweet,
Goro looks extra sweet when he is sleepy.

Sweet sleepy eyes, sweet unarmed paws...

Time to turn off the light.

Sweet dreams :-)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Goro & Niko on Cat Tree

Niko is relaxing in a cat tree.

Then Goro came to join.

Overflowing Goro.

It doesn't bother him.

Niko may be a little bothered...

And so began a war on the blue cat tree.


Then later, a peace came on a brown cat tree...

We wish everyone had a happy Sunday :-)