Sunday, December 29, 2013

Not a Lap Cat

Niko is not a lap cat.

Niko doesn't come to my lap.
But he comes to bed with me every night.

Goro is not a lap cat.

Goro is a slap cat.

Well, Daddy's boy Goro visits his Dad's lap,
but usually not mine.

Instead, though, he visits my legs to take a nap :-)

Niko is not a lap cat, but he is a sweetheart.
He loves his head patted so much that...

He leaps up to pat himself with my hand
(which is extremely cute!)

So Niko is not a lap cat.

Goro is a wrap cat.

Wrapped in Dad's arms.

My arm trapped under Niko :-)

I love my boys just the way they are.

Goro and Niko are not my lap cats.
But they sure are very much loved cats :-)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Caught Cold

I caught cold.

Dr. Goro ordered me a bed rest.

Thank you, doctor.

(Wow, look at that gorgeous tummy...)

Y...yes, doctor.

It's hard to rest when he keeps flashing his tummy!

Dr. Niko prescribed me a medical biscuit.

Thank you, doctor.

Is biscuit ready yet, doctor?

He made a lot of sweet biscuits :-)

Thanks to my brilliant doctors, I got over the cold.

We wish you all a happy and healthy holiday!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Award & Video

We are so excited and want to say big thank you to
our wonderful friends for sharing their award with us!

Big, happy, and wonderful family from Urban Hounds
nominated us for The Sunshine Award.

We want to share it with another happy and 
wonderful family from Blog da Pink.

Charming cutie pie Tutu from Furries of Whisppy
gave us The Opposites Attract Award.

We want to pass it on to Sasha, Sami, and Saku 
from Kitty Korner. They are not
really our opposites but definitely attractive!

Adorable sweeter-than-sugar Katie Isabella
shared Mouses Award with us.

We want to share it with Target and Guido from
Katz And Other Tales. We enjoy rolling mouse
over their photos to see their secret thoughts :-)

Thank you so much for thinking about us!!


I mentioned before but Goro loves to play with
running water. He wet his head in the fountain...

And plays with water dripping from his head.

This time I shot a video. 
(This is my 1st video. I hope it will play.)
Link to video if it doesn't play here.

My wet-head baby :-)

P.S. I'm getting busy from next week. Please forgive
us as we'll not be able to visit you much for a while.

Have a wonderful new week!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Kitten

Thursday afternoon. At work.

My coworker found this kitten inside company building.

She was hissing at first. I offered water and turkey
from cafeteria. Tried slow-blinking to tell her I'm
not threat. After a while, she seemed to calm down.

Oh, I want to take her home!

But not sure if home management committee
(i.e. Goro & Niko) will approve...

Some of us began asking around to find home for her.

And we did! One of our 
coworkers decided to take her home :-)

Come to think of it, this was how we gotcha'ed Goro.
My coworker found him in the company parking lot.

Before going home, I cleaned myself carefully
to cover up the fact that I was with other kitty.

I couldn't have much work done, Goro.

A small gift for a kitten...

N...nothing, nothing.

Have a happy life, baby girl!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Niko's 4th Birthday

I found Goro playing with something.

It's one of Goro & Niko's snack containers - broken.

I left it on kitchen counter. Does this mean
you were on the counter, Goro?

Goro is often naughty (that's one of the things I love
about him.) Niko, on the other hand, is a good boy.
He usually stays away from the kitchen counter.

But when I'm preparing for their chicken...

Niko gets carried away.

On October 25, Niko turned 4 years old. We
celebrated with tuna, and of course extra chicken :-)

Niko is our dear baby boy, who is a big
chicken enthusiast. Happy birthday, sweet Niko!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Getting Ready for Halloween

I adore markings on Goro's coat.

The other day, I noticed something strange...

Goro? Your bib is getting bigger.


Oh, whew. 
This was a bit like horror movie, wasn't it :-)

Speaking of horror movie, Halloween is
coming soon. So we went to a store.

Goro, walking his Dad

We got some Halloween-themed toys.

Halloween decoration - March of dead toys

Sadly, march of IGNORED toys is so much longer.

Goro is already working on killing the new toy.

Goro. Are you not scared of scary pumpkin?

OK, then. 

Now let's talk about your Halloween costume...

Just kidding. 
No costume for Goro & Niko :-)