Sunday, November 10, 2013

Award & Video

We are so excited and want to say big thank you to
our wonderful friends for sharing their award with us!

Big, happy, and wonderful family from Urban Hounds
nominated us for The Sunshine Award.

We want to share it with another happy and 
wonderful family from Blog da Pink.

Charming cutie pie Tutu from Furries of Whisppy
gave us The Opposites Attract Award.

We want to pass it on to Sasha, Sami, and Saku 
from Kitty Korner. They are not
really our opposites but definitely attractive!

Adorable sweeter-than-sugar Katie Isabella
shared Mouses Award with us.

We want to share it with Target and Guido from
Katz And Other Tales. We enjoy rolling mouse
over their photos to see their secret thoughts :-)

Thank you so much for thinking about us!!


I mentioned before but Goro loves to play with
running water. He wet his head in the fountain...

And plays with water dripping from his head.

This time I shot a video. 
(This is my 1st video. I hope it will play.)
Link to video if it doesn't play here.


My wet-head baby :-)

P.S. I'm getting busy from next week. Please forgive
us as we'll not be able to visit you much for a while.

Have a wonderful new week!


  1. Congratulations on your well-deserved awards!

    Goro-chan, Moosey likes to play in the water, too. You should teleport over for a visit and play date. :)

  2. Congratulations!

    I won both of those awards too!


  3. ConCATulations!

    Goro, our rude Mommy laughed at you going after your head-droplets!

  4. Concats on your awards! And thank you for passing on The Opposites Attract award to us. Sami says she's opposite to Niko and Goro and she thinks they are furry attractive too!

    Cute video Goro! Sasha gets his chin wet but not his head, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

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  6. You are so cute and funny. We just loves you!

  7. Dearest Tamago,
    Congrats with your awards for these funny, cute and entertaining cat-boys. LOVED that video; they can be hilarious at times.

  8. You are one strange dude Goro! Concats on the awards.

  9. Thanks for coming by. Have a good night:-)

  10. MOL! Goro, you're a little bit crazy! Concatulations on your awards.

  11. Congratulation! And thank you for your visit and comment. Have a Happy week ahead. Your cat are so cute.

  12. Awwwwww amazing Goro!! LOL!! It's so BRILLIANT to see you in action! You are sooooooooo funny!!!

    Big hugs too to adorable Niko! And huge huge congrats with all your well-deserved and wonderful awards! Take care

  13. Congratulations on GORO san!
    Have a good times.

  14. Congratulations on your award! The video makes me laugh. You kitties make me smile!
    xo Catherine

  15. goro is just too cute

    urban hounds

  16. Purrs to the water baby Goro! We'll see you when you have time :-)

  17. Congrats on the nice awards gang and the water park looks like fun!

  18. Those are some great awards and congrats on all of them. Love the video. What a silly boy Goro. Too cute playing with the water dripping off of your head. Take care and have a great day.

  19. You are one funny fellow there Goro
    Congrats on your awards

  20. doodz...conga ratz on all yur awards N cash prizes :) N yes we can see de videe oh, we loved it N gived it 935 paws up; two bad therz noe fish in de waterz tho huh !!

  21. Congrats on your awards. And that video is so funny! We loved seeing Goro play with the water drops. :)

  22. So many pawesome awards! Concatulations! Me-Ommmmmm

  23. Oh...Benta is already commited to another cat, but if she was single she would propose Goro to be her catfriend...they are so alike! She loves to play with water too!!! Nice video!

  24. Congrats on your awards !
    What a fun video, Goro is so cute
    playing with those water drops :-)
    Have a wonderful week,

  25. Thank you so much for the award, I'm so happy!!! We love sunshine!
    I can't believe how crazy you are, Goro!!! If I didn't know about the drip of water I would think it was a ghost!!! Cats are so funny!!!
    Licks from Pink & Laís

  26. Goro, Buddy, that is one weird trick! You look kinda nutty there playing with the water falling off your own head--did you think it was raining? Ha ha ha!

    Congrats on all your awards!

  27. Concats and thanks for the award. We love mousies :-)

    You look so funny playing with the water. I think you'd love to come and play with Guido. He's big on bathrooms.

  28. OMC, Goro you are so cute playing with the water from your head! That is so awesome! Congrats on your well-deserved awards kitties and purrs to the Mom, we just know that you boys will be treating her to lots of luvvins when she comes home from her busy days. Have a good week everyone!

  29. Congratulations on the award! The video played fine and handsome Goro is very funny playing with the drips.

  30. Oh Goro san, you and Niko san are mommy's loved boys!

  31. goro loves to invent his own games.
    among them are:
    1. ghost chase.
    2. throw, you go fetch.
    3. Cathy water dripping from my head.
    4. I am invisible.

  32. Congrats on your awards! We're so glad you got them!

    We're hoping you'll join us for a NaNoWriMo day. We need a few more writers or we won't be able to finish the story! Would you please consider writing us a piece of the story? Thanks for considering!!

  33. Hahaah! what a cutie guy!
    Concats to the awards!!!!

  34. We had one of those fountains but Mum had to give it away as we didn't use it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  35. I came to say thank you so much for the visit with loving comments when we lost our sweet boy. So appreciated and helped us so much. Hugs Carol x

  36. Oh Goro you are adorable!!! Our Casper always has a wet head too :-)

  37. Dearest Tamago-san;
    Congratulations on your wonderful wards♡♡♡ They sure must be precious.

    Goro-chan is really funny and lovely enjoying running water p;) I admire you could post his video in your blog♬♬♬

    ps> 優しいコメントを頂いて、本当に有難う御座いました。3人の遺影を見ると、心が落ち着くにはまだ少し時間が掛かりそうです(^^;) 手続きの方も思ったより時間がかかって、すべて完了するのは来年になりますp;)  此方は昨日今日と秋を通り越して、冬の寒さです! Take care of your selves notto have a cold.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  38. TW is surprised I don't do that cos I like to play with water but not drink it. Concats on all your well deserved awards.

  39. CONGRATULATIONS, Tamago!!!!

    Kisses, Ragdoll Mommy~


  40. Congratulations on your awards! You certainly deserve them! Tutu is grinning at being called a charming cutie pie. :D
    We love the video of Goro playing with the dripping water from his head. So cute!
    We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  41. I'm gonna eat those playful paws :)))...God I am crazy about cats...

  42. LOL!

    You know, that award makes me think of my back yard. That desperately needs to be weeded. I should do that now.

  43. Congrats on all the awards. That is too cute how Goro plays with the water off of his head. He is kind of silly. Hope you have a good evening.

  44. Ha ha ha! I love your video! Hope you are all well and looking forward to the holidays! XOXOXO

  45. that's great! catch the water drops!!

  46. Goro san & Niko san was back to OK.
    Thabnk you Tamago san nice to see you in my space.
    See you soon!

  47. concats on your awards! well deserved. goro, you're trying to catch the drops of water from your head? too funny!

  48. Oh I love seeing him dunk his sweet head and then play with the water drops. Goro, you are so adorable. So is your brother. xoxoxox much love to you both always and ever.

  49. Pretty funny Video and HERE IS ANOTHER AWARD
    MOL, We save em up too.
    Come by Friday!

  50. Hi Boys, What's up with you two these days?! You need a Christmas post! XOXOXO

  51. We've just stopped by to thank you for visiting us, especially when our own visiting is so sporadic.

    And to wish you a wonderful season, no matter what you celebrate. :-)

    Purrs and peace,
    Nicki and Derry

  52. Congratulations on your awards~!!
    You are so well deserved them!!!
    I love your blog very much as well.

  53. Missing your posts and hoping that everything is OK there!

  54. Awwww lovely Goro and adorable Niko!!! We just popped by to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS and HOLIDAYS to all of you! Yay! take care

  55. Hey, Buddies, Hope you guys are all okay! Long time, no see XOXOXOXOXO

  56. Hello my boys! I'm here to drop off the Elves...we figured your Mom needs all four of them because we know it's been such a busy time for her. Thinking of you all.

  57. Hi Goro san & Niko san!
    Your both having are wonderful time!
    I was so hot summer time today...
    See you soon?
    Love you both & Mum & Dad!

  58. Come and join my giveaway if u feel like a good read...if not...HAPPY HOLIDAYS :).

  59. Congrats on your awards! And Goro, you're so silly!