Monday, March 4, 2019

Niko's 9th Anniversary

Back in 2010...

Goro, we are thinking about getting a kitty.
You'd love to have a sibling, right?


Goro, good news!
We decided to adopt a kitty!

And finally...

Goro, we are going to the shelter
this weekend!

So on February 28, 2010,
we welcomed Niko home!

Goro was NOT happy.

But with time and efforts,
and lots of snacks...

Goro & Niko became good brothers! 

Hanging out together

Goro taking care of Niko

Niko "sharing" a snack

Ready to play game!

We are so happy Niko became our family.

He is our precious baby
and Goro's sweet little brother :-)

Happy Gotcha Day, Niko!