Sunday, May 28, 2017

Goro's 8th Birthday

My boss went to Japan for a business trip
and brought this snack for me.

At home, it got full attention from Goro.

They are not real shrimps, Goro.

No, no. You won't!
But Mommy is gonna have some :-)

Yum yum.


I felt bad for not sharing.
But there is a solution for that!

Happy snacking :-)

On May 30, Goro turns 8.
He is a furry & funny sunshine who
brightens up our home ever day

We love you, Goro. Happy birthday!!

Monday, May 8, 2017


One of the joys of cleaning litter box
is to find happy poops regularly.

Good to know Goro & Niko are having
a smooth bowel movement :-)

Niko always buries after using litter box.

Goro rarely covers his output.

That's fine because I can identify the producer
of poop by how it's presented in the box.

Yes, exactly!
You are such a smart boy, Goro!

Recently, Goro made a poop in the
shape of letter "川".

It's a Japanese letter. (My mother language)
"川" means "River" in Japanese!

* This is drawing. I refrained from taking photo :-)

Even your poop is smart, Goro!

We wish you a smooth bowel movement
every day.

Smooth like a river flows..... :-)