Sunday, February 28, 2016

Niko's 6th Anniversary

Honeysuckle & Valerian toys
for Goro & Niko.

Kids love them, especially Niko.

They make his tail curly.

He also gets pretty flexible :-)

But the scent has faded...

So I got new Honeysuckle Candy toys.
(Not Valerian...they are too stinky!)

Today, February 28 is Niko's 6th Gotcha Day.

We celebrated the anniversary weekend,
showering him with Honeysuckle Candy toys.

Special snack.

And extra attention :-)

Niko is our sweet furry honey bun.
Sweeter than any candy :-)

We love you, darling Niko.
Happy Gotcha Day!

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Goro likes to make himself a burrito.

Goro burrito (1)

Goro burrito (2)

Goro burrito (3)

The other day, I folded a kitty mat
on a carpet like this.

The next thing I knew...

Happy burritoing!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Goro asked me to be his Valentine.
I of course said yes!

In the morning, I offered
a belly rub as a Valentine's Day gift.

But it was politely rejected...

After we got up, Goro took me out for picnic.
But it was freezing cold outside!

Goro, can I borrow your fur coat?

I made a cup of tea to warm up.

Then Goro furred it up for me.
What a gentleman!

Goro also made me a pee heart.
And didn't even cover it!
He is not afraid to show his love :-)

Best of all, he gave me a box of Goro.
(Much better than box of chocolate!)

I also got Niko basket :-)

It was the best Valentine's Day ever!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day, too!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lucky Cats

We wanna say big Thank You to Maggie
from Sundays at the Shelter for sending us
this super cute Lucky Cat stickers!

Lucky Cats (Maneki Neko) are believed
to bring good luck with their beckoning paws.

Look at these adorable beckoning cats.
We already feel very lucky!

Meanwhile in the kitchen...

Goro's curious paw was checking out
a ball of meat :-)

I baked chicken scotch egg for
Goro & Niko.

Ingredient: Chicken, boiled egg, coconut oil

Looks like they both liked it :-)

Goro & happy tummy

Niko & happy face

Beckoning (?) paw

I played around and made an image
with Maggie's Lucky Cat.

Thank you, Maggie.
We love your Lucky Cats!