Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Goro asked me to be his Valentine.
I of course said yes!

In the morning, I offered
a belly rub as a Valentine's Day gift.

But it was politely rejected...

After we got up, Goro took me out for picnic.
But it was freezing cold outside!

Goro, can I borrow your fur coat?

I made a cup of tea to warm up.

Then Goro furred it up for me.
What a gentleman!

Goro also made me a pee heart.
And didn't even cover it!
He is not afraid to show his love :-)

Best of all, he gave me a box of Goro.
(Much better than box of chocolate!)

I also got Niko basket :-)

It was the best Valentine's Day ever!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day, too!


  1. Boxes and baskets of kitties are very welcome!

  2. Nobody could ask for a better Valentine's!

  3. Dearest Tamago,
    Oh, LOVE your humor and Goro's picture on the cat-wall-seat for being his Valentine is precious.
    Love the furring up of your tea... and the pee-heart!
    Sweet sleeping in with his foot on your hand. They are adorable in every way and yes, they are our Valentines!
    Hugs and happy Valentine's ending.

  4. You definitely are having the best Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

  5. A box of Goro and a basket of Niko...I'd say you are really spoiled with a pee-heart, too. Lucky you.xx

  6. How nice that they show their love

  7. Goro and Niko were so good to you ;)
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. Aw, Goro and Niko sure do know how to celebrate Valenine's Day. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you all, dear friends. We love you lots!

  9. ut-oh, we're busted. We did NOT pee a heart. Allie, go drink more water out of the fountain, stat!

    Goro, dood, nice of you to fur up the mom's tea for her! And take her "OUT" to lunch (even though she was too cold for it!)

  10. Goro makes such an awesome Valentine, what a cute post! Lots of Valentine love to you, Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. What an excited Valentine Day you had. You had some very cute sweethearts.
    But I think the pee heart was maybe a step too far.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  12. Wow, you sure had a very loving and wonderful Valentine's Day. We liked in particular the furring tea thing - hair consists of proteins, and proteins are very useful; so Goro takes good care!

    P.S. Thank you for all your comments on our blog, we really appreciate them. We often laugh whilst reading them. Like this kitty safe in your closet whilst you're worried about her being in the storm.... Epic!

  13. Wow, you kitties really know how to make Valentine's Day special!

  14. What a special Valentines day. Goro you are adorable.

  15. A pee heart and furry spice in your tea...does exist a love bigger than that???

  16. You DID have a great Valentine's Day. What special gifts sweet Goro gave you. Such thoughtful and loving kitties. Love them...they are just so cute in the things they do. Hugs and nose kisses

  17. Dang, I don't know how I missed this post, but Happy Valentines Day from all of us!

  18. Goro and Niko are so adorable! They can get away with anything, with those cute faces!

  19. Eles sabem como agradar!
    Feliz dia dos Namorados!
    Um pouco atrasado. hihihi

  20. Just look at all that love, it makes my heart happy!

  21. Oh my, such lovely Valentine's gifts !
    And that cat cup is so pretty !
    So nice you had a wonderful day, Tamago !
    Have a great week,

  22. What a lovely Valentine's Day you had, full of love ♥.

  23. A very wonderful Valentine's Day indeed!

  24. You are so lucky to get such thoughtful Valentine's gifts!

  25. Goro san can i borrow your fun coat get your own coot Mom. he is ot afraid show his love.
    much better then box of chocolate!
    It was to best valentines Day! Tamado san
    I had very nice time with my friends in Valentine days.
    We has not much raining for long time but few days little too!


  26. That was a nice Valentine's day ! Boxes are always great !

  27. Dearest Tamago-san; So sorry for my belated "Happy Valentine's Day♪" I really loved "box of Goro-chan" and "Niko-chan basket", they are so adorable♡♡♡ And I love the neko-chan cup Goro-chan furred it up for you as well :-)
    Happy for your sweet Valentine's Day with your boys(♡^.^♡)

    2日程少し暖かかったかと思ったら又朝はマイナス。。。 山口では珍しいです(^^;) あるきっかけで本格的に実家売却の準備が進行中です。 思い出が消えるのは、ちょっと複雑な気分、ハハ。

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako* 

  28. Oh dear dear Niko san and Goro san You love your mommy SO much that you made all these special presents! Niko san, that pee heart was inspired! WHY didn't *I* think if that? I will borrow a page from your Book of Gifts and do that next year!

    Love and smoochies! Katie san

  29. We missed this post too but it sure is a good one. You two sure gave your Mom the best Valentines ever. We especially liked the furring up of her nice drink. You two are just the best.

  30. You sweet boys think of everything! We are glad you could make Valentine's Day so special for your special Mama :)

    the critters in the cottage xo


  31. ✿‿⎠
    Goro é muito carinhoso, um coração de xixi e depois uma caixa de Goro... muito fofo!!!
    Também gostei da cesta de Niko... muito fofa também!!!!

    Bom fim de semana!

  32. Goro and Niko make the very best Valentines!
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  33. Looks like a very special Valentine's Day. I loved catching up with your tonight. Sending love. Mildred @