Monday, August 31, 2020

Cats & Eggs


My coworker gave me eggs from his farm. They
looked wonderfully different from one another:-)

I love eggs. Sunny-side up egg is my favorite.
(Tummy-side up cat is my favorite, too!)

Made a snack for Goro & Niko using the egg.

Kit had the snack, too.

August 20th marked 5th anniversary
of Kit's passing.

He is always in our hearts.


We wish you all have a wonderful week :-)

Monday, August 3, 2020

Sweet Meow

Niko has the sweetest voice in the world.

His charming meow is like singing,
or like he is twinkling.

Even his cat fight voice is twinkly.

Niko makes the cutest sound when
he yawns in mid-meow :-)

But in the early summer, I noticed a change.

Niko's meow started
coming out hoarse and crackly.

I turned on humidifier and air purifier,
hoping they would help.

Then to the Vet.

(Due to COVID-19, pawrents had to wait outside)

Nose drops were suggested as one of
the treatment options.

I got you a magic water, Niko.

Although I practiced, my hand trembled.
The drop went right into his eye.

SO SORRY, Niko...

Anyway over time, his voice improved.
Eventually, Niko's sweet twinkle was back!

I keep watching his condition closely,
and hope it stays OK!

We hope you all stay healthy as well!