Sunday, May 31, 2015

Goro's 6th Birthday

Goro has several favorite spots for napping.

Cat Mansion

Wavy bed

On a couch with his Dad

etc, etc.

But most importantly...

On my legs!

Every weekend, Goro comes to my legs
for afternoon nap.

Goro and happy legs :-)

By the way.

We recently reconfigured Cat Mansion
and moved it to near the window.

Then it became Goro's prime napping spot.

You may have guessed what happened next.

Goro began to take afternoon naps
there, leaving me and my legs all alone.

Goro, come on.
I reserved my legs for you.

Oh, no! I'm so sad :-(

Thank you, Niko.
Would you come take a nap with me?


Niko comes to my bed in the night,
but usually takes daytime naps solo.


After a couple of weeks, though,
Goro came back to me.

My legs are happy again :-)

On May 30, we celebrated Goro's
6th birthday.

Happy birthday, sunshine! We love you!

Monday, May 25, 2015

On a Chair

Have a happy new week!

Sunday, May 17, 2015




Suitcase got packed (without Goro) & furred up!

Recently, I made a trip to my hometown in Japan.

After looong 14-hour flight (or 20+ hours
door-to-door journey,) I enjoyed time with
friends & family as well as...

* Yum-yum food *

* Hot springs *

* Toilet...

Well, it didn't occur to me to take photos
while in Japan (due to nature of subject!)

So Goro & I made images to show you.

I encountered a toilet that not only
opens its lid but also lights up for you.

It's nice in the midnight, but...

Yep, I had mixed feelings about it, too.

After 5 nights in Japan (and another
20+ hours journey,) I was back home.

Suitcase got un-packed & re-furred up!

Furry mat from Japan (Gift from my Mom)


My carry-on suitcase..
(Not going back to closet any time soon)


It was wonderful to visit my hometown.
And now I'm so happy to be back because...

Yes, I'm home :-)