Sunday, April 12, 2015

Enjoying Spring

Oh, HOT!

I was referring to temperature outside.
But you are hot, too, Goro :-)

It was like summer this week.
Thought spring was ending already.

But by the weekend, it cooled down nicely.


This was a good reminder. We gotta fully
enjoy spring before it gets SIZZLING HOT!

Goro is my furry hot mancat :-)

P.S. Please forgive us as our comment
will be spotty for a while.

We wish everyone a happy new week!



Goro & Niko

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sweet Toys

After reading CK's post about Catnip Confection toy,
I got Honeysuckle & Valerian toys for Goro & Niko.

Honeysuckle candy.
Looks and smells sweet!

I've read Valerian's scent is not so inviting,
and found it's true to reputation.

Doesn't matter, of course - because kids love it!

Especially Niko

Tastes good, too?

Niko & candy

Happy Goro (eye-kissing)

Niko's tail tends to curl up
when he is happy.

Making sweet furry doughnut :-)

By the way, I got two set for each flavor,
so that kids don't have to share.


Somehow they always end up
fighting over one.

They sure make a purrfect dessert for kids :-)