Monday, February 21, 2011

Away from Home

About 10 days ago...
I was preparing for my little trip.

Yes, Goro, but just for a short period.
Will you be okay without me?

I.....hope you will keep a regular bowel movement. 
You and Niko, both.

What do you mean?

Oh, no! Don't say that!

I... I always think about
Niko's and your happiness, Goro.

Now, would you give me my passport?

I did not ask you to pass me a pork, Goro.
My passport is under your tummy.

Are you trying to keep me from going away?


Later I found Goro packed himself in my suitcase.

Unfortunately, I could not take him or Niko with me.
(I wish I could.)

But when I came back,
Goro was happy and Niko had all his hair.

I don't think I'll go on a trip for a while.
It was very hard to be away from my kids.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Annual Vet Visit

It was Saturday morning, when I saw...

Goro! Stop attacking Niko.
We need to go to the Vet today.

I mean, Niko, Dad, and I need to go.
You don't have to run, Goro.

Today was the day for
Niko's annual veterinary exams.

Now, time for exam.

Niko got vaccinations and he is a healthy, happy boy :-)


Goro, we are home!

Are you okay?

Oh, Goro. It was just a regular Vet visit.
Niko is home, too.

Yes, he went upstairs.

Goro! Stop attacking Niko!


There was another time when
Niko had to be at the Vet for a while
and Goro was depressed at home.

Goro is sometimes rough but
he sure loves Niko :-)