Sunday, May 27, 2012

Goro's 3rd Birthday

On May 30, Goro will turn 3 years old.

As the big day approaches, I noticed something...

He's got a smell of...uh, it's hard to specify what this is.
It's kind of a familiar smell but not usual for him. It is...

He does! He smells like a middle-aged man!

But why?

Did you eat something weird, Goro?
Let me check your tummy.

Is it a bad breath? No, Goro's breath smells nice
as he gets his teeth brushed regularly (against his will.)

Do cats get aging odor? I don't know, but even so,
Goro is going to be only 3 years old.

Maybe we should take him to the V-E-t...

Seriously, my worries kept growing.
I told his Dad about this strange smell.

Me: "Goro smells like 40-year-old man.
I don't know why."

Dad: "Yeah, it's my smell."

Me" "What?"

Dad: "My new aftershave cream. Goro rubs
up against my chin all the time."

Me: "Ah....."

Mystery solved.

I guess the smell of aftershave on Goro unconsciously
reminded me of his dad, who is forty-something years old.

Now free from worry, we celebrated early birthday
for Goro with special dinner and lots of toys.

Happy birthday to our daddy's boy :-)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Customer

Recently, a squirrel began to come eat at our bird feeder.
He has been entertaining Goro and Niko a lot :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Boxed Cat

In many households owned by cats, empty boxes
stay in the house for a while before going to a trash can.

Our house is no exception to this tradition.

Recently I got this fun-looking box.

Niko came to examine.

It seems cautious Niko decided 
to leave the box alone.


But then, a while later I found...

Goro, oh Goro is in the box.

It seems curious Goro decided
to pack the box with himself.

I can't imagine being comfortable in such
tight space. I think he had fun, though.

I had fun, too, watching him :-)

After all, a box stuffed with a cat is
every cat person's fantasy. (Or is it just mine?)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Faux Bearskin Rug

Niko loves to make biscuits.

When I saw this faux bearskin rug, I thought it would
be perfect for kneading. He will love it.
I ordered two - one for Niko and one for Goro.

When the package arrived,
Goro and I opened it with excitement.

Look, Goro! 
It's a faux bearskin rug!

You can knead it or lay dow n...

Goro was not interested in the rug at all.

Meanwhile, Niko was looking from a distance.
Unlike Goro, he is usually shy around new things.

I placed the rug in a sun puddle because Niko loves to
nap in the sunshine. Maybe he'll warm up to it here.

There he comes.

... I have a suspicion that Niko is avoiding the rug.

I placed the rug on our bed next to Niko's favorite
dough. Maybe he will warm up to it here.

Niko did not come to bed that night.
Nor the next night, nor the next.

After three lonely nights, I took the rug off the bed.

It's faux. Faux animal, Niko.