Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tail Grooming

Niko is grooming
with both his legs in the air :-)

I like the way he holds his tail when grooming it.

Meanwhile Goro was...

He was grooming the toy. (Why?)

...Goro. It's not your tail.

(Then what is that affectionate look on his face?) 

Next day... 

I found the toy soft and fluffy :-)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cat Bed

I saw this cat-shaped cat bed in a store.
It was so cute that I had to get it.

As usual, Goro came right over to
check it out. He loves anything new.

As usual, Niko was a little scared.

But he was showing an interest, too.

I put the cat bed on a chair in 
the living room, hoping they will use it.

One night, I saw Niko playing around the 
cat bed. He seemed more comfortable with it.


Good morning, boys. Niko, I saw you
making friends with the cat bed last night.


Well... The bed can be kind of spooky with two 
eyes looking at me. But there is no way it can roam... 

Oh my gosh, it's gone! 
No, no, no, it can not happen!!

Dad: "Oh, I moved the cat bed upstairs."

I... know that, Goro.

It was an incident that made my 
hot summer day a little cooler.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nail Trimmer

One morning...

It was found on the kitchen floor.

This is one of nail trimmers for Goro and Niko.
Obviously broken.

We usually place nail trimmers on the wine rack on
kitchen counter. This means someone dropped it,
causing it to crash down to the floor. Who did this?

Prime suspect : Goro

Goro is a natural mess maker. 
He plays with things he is not supposed to.

So, Goro. I believe you got on a counter and
had a little too much fun with the nail trimmer.

.....Goro? Are you listening to me?

Would you stop flashing your belly?
It is very distracting.

I could not continue questioning because my face
went into Goro's belly fur. (I call it a "happy place.")


Second suspect : Niko

Niko does not like his nails trimmed. It must
be convenient for him if the nail trimmer is dead.

So, Niko. I believe you have a strong motive. Only,
your miscalculation is that we have two nail trimmers.

That's true. You are a good boy, Niko.
But  you can be a little naughty sometimes...

( Evidence Photograph )

Oh, no, no, no. I'm sorry, Niko.
I do, I trust you!


Third suspect : Their Dad

Maybe he dropped the nail trimmer by accident and
left it on the floor to make me believe it was done by
one of the kids. But he denied any cover-up attempts.


So I guess this case must remain unsolved.

I'm sure many households with fur babies  
have unsolved cases like this as well.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Niko's Thought

(Image in Niko's head: Goro in foreign country)

(Image in Niko's head: Goro in a restaurant)

(Image in Niko's head: Goro being exchanged)

Mom: "Niko! We are home!"

Actually Goro, Dad, and I were at the Vet.

Earlier this week, I came back home and found right
side of Goro's face was swollen. There was a dead bee
on a floor, so I guess he was playing with it and got
stung. (We don't know how the bee got in the house.)

Anyway, we rushed to the Vet and Goro got two shots.
By the end of next day, swelling was gone.

(I was just trying to take photos as medical record!)

It was a scary experience but we are glad
Goro has recovered and is doing good now :-)