Sunday, August 26, 2012

At a Restaurant

This is a post about Goro & Niko's Dad

Last weekend, we went to one of the chain
restaurants in the neighborhood for dinner.

When he meets good food, service, or any experience,
he doesn't hesitate to express appreciation.

He told me, waitress, and manager how much  
he loved the food. I love when he does that because
it always brings smile to everyone :-)

The restaurant gave us "free appetizer" coupon. Of course
we didn't expect this and appreciate their kind gesture.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Homemade Toy

One of (many) failed toys.

It was completely unrecognized by Goro.

Niko did not look happy with it.

Sometimes we have to be creative to please our kids.
Here is simple but sophisticated (?) homemade toy.

Let's see if Goro likes it...

He does :-)

So we played.


And played.

The paper bag also became Goro's favorite hiding spot.

Niko, is something wrong?

...Maybe Niko is not happy with this paper bag.

But don't worry, he found his favorite one.

In closing, here is Goro exposing his
tummy in front of both bags.

Now I'm happy :-)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Award & Healthy Happy Life

We'd like to send big THANK YOU and HUGS
to Spitty from Spitty Speaks for this lovely award!!

This award wants us to tell 7 things we love and/or think
about. One thing for sure is King Spitty's gorgeous fluffy tail

Another things are of course Goro & Niko. Their health and
happiness. As bathroom activity is one of key health indicators,
single unusual drop of stool can easily be all I can think about.

Kind Warning: I drew picture of stool instead of using the real
image, but you may want to skip this post if you are eating.


As I mentioned couple of times in the past, 
Goro does not bury after using bathroom.

There are several benefits for that.

1. I can easily identify whose present it is.

2. Sometimes I find fine art.
(I've seen one poo standing proudly like a monument.)

3. I can see its condition (color, shape, etc.) clearly.

I certainly panicked when I saw 
bright orange in his stool one morning.

First, I checked Goro. He looked normal,
picking on...I mean, playing with Niko as usual.

Then I did web search.

I could rule them out for him.

Can it be liver disease?

Gotta go to the vet. Before making a call, I took
a closer look at the stool, then noticed something.

I could separate the orange part.
Its shape and material looked familiar...

I know, it's the body part of toy dragonfly!!

(Looks like the color changed in Goro's stomach.)

 Later I found the backup evidence.
Oh, Goro, toy eater...

This happened long time ago, but I remember that
scary day like it was yesterday. I'm glad Goro was fine.


Speaking of health issues, Goro recently visited vet due to
loss of his fur. Vet thinks it's an allergic reaction to something.

Long story short, after two vet visits and one grumpy cat,
we are now observing his skin condition, hoping it'll improve.

Vet warned his fur might not grow back. I hope
it will - but if not? Well, some patches mean nothing
to us as long as Goro is healthy and happy!

We'd like to share the award with fur babies who need
purrs and prayers. Wishing you all a healthy and happy life.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

While Dad was Away

Earlier this week, on Thursday,
Goro & Niko's Dad went on a short trip.

Daddy's boy Goro wanted to go with him, 
but had to stay. So it was three of us at home.

A little quieter, but we enjoyed ourselves.

Niko and I enjoyed a girly time together...

I enjoyed myself having my six-pack...

And enjoyed watching Goro's soft six-pack...

Though, Goro missed his Dad a lot.
I could see sadness over his shoulder.

Yes, Goro. He'll be home soon.
And he will bring lots of souvenir for you.

Of course! Because you are Dad's No. 1 boy.
You are a good boy, yes you are.

His Dad came home this Sunday, that
made Goro very happy :-)