Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goro's 2nd Anniversary

Cheer up, Goro.

We are going to have chicken for dinner today.

September 22 was Goro's 2nd Gotcha Day.
We celebrated with special chicken dinner.

My dear son, Goro.
You make me smile every single day.

I love you so much and  I do anything
I can to make you happy.

Happy anniversary :-)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I was doing laundry when...

Oh, no, Niko. 
Than you, but don't go into the dryer.

Come here, it's dangerous.

I collected clothes, towels, etc. to be washed
and piled them up on the laundry basket.

When I'm done... 


.....Did I hear something?

Oh! Niko.
What are you doing upside-down?

Are you okay? 
Here, let me move the basket.

I think he went in there, tried to 
turn back and got stuck.

Probably Niko could manage to get out of there
by himself. But still, I'm glad I was there to save him.

Laundry can be quite dangerous!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Award & Wish

I am very happy that Mom of Urban Hounds
gave us this great award.

Premio Destellos Brillantes en el Cielo Azul
(Bright Flashes in the Blue Sky Award)

In this wonderful blog, you will find 5 dogs and 3cats 
living happily in a city with their Mom and Dad. I love
their interesting stories and delicious recipes they share
occasionally. Mmm! Thank you again for the award!

This award wants us to describe what we 
dream or wish for most in the world. It's a tough one
as I have many wishes; forever loving home and
healthy, happy life for all animals/humans, taking
my kids to cruise trip, no animal cruelty, ability to
speak cat language, etc, etc...

Goro. How about you? What do you wish for?

Goro, peace! Don't attack Niko. Peace!

This award also wants us to nominate 6 blogs to pass it on.
It's a tough one, too, as I can pick only 6 out of so many
wonderful blogs. I managed to pick these lovely friends;

You are all handsome and your mom is so sweet!

My favorite man! You are both sexy and funny :-)

I'm excited that you are welcoming new kitties!

Two beautiful girls. Zoe, can I jump into your tummy?

I want to take a nap with all of you together :-)

Thank you for saving fur babies. And you are so funny!

I hope everyone a wonderful week!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Toy Bear

I posted before, but Niko had a childhood
friend; Toy Bear. It was a cute red bear.

But Goro killed it.

(I can't show the lower body as it's torn apart.)

The other day, I found this small red bear.
I got it for Niko.


Goro's idea of sharing is different from everyone else's.

After a while, Goro got distracted.

Goro is naive and innocent like a small child.
I think he just loves having fun.

Niko might not agree with me, though.