Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Present

On Christmas Eve,
we opened presents.


Goro, this is from your Dad.

This is a tunnel. You can go in and play!

Do you like it, Goro?


Oh, Niko. You like your tunnel, too!

OK, Niko. It's your turn.
Why don't you open the present from Mom? 

Look! It's a Santa Hat!
You can go in there and it makes rustling noise!
(Goro ended up opening the present and
Niko is back to tunnel.)

(Obviously, neither Goro nor Niko was
impressed by my present.)


Thank you, Goro.....
It makes me feel better, a little bit.....

Anyway, dinner is almost ready.
Goro, Niko, let's move to the dining room.

Goro, it is a little Christmas decoration 
that I put for your dining table. 

Oops, I guess it had a small amount of catnip.


I happened to make Goro really happy with
something I did for kids for Christmas.

It seemed both Goro and Niko enjoyed
their Christmas dinner :-)

We had a great time together.

I wish you all had a wonderful holiday, too!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


In my last post, I wrote about "One Lovely Blog
Award" I received from Mr. George Clooney in
Clooney's Num-Num Fund. I'd love to let you
know that I passed it on to Kassey and her mom

Their blog perfectly fits in the word "Lovely Blog."
It's cute, adorable, and filled with warm atmosphere.
Kassey is such a sweet heart, but also kind of
bossy and mischievous, which is what I love about
her. Please visit their blog if you haven't yet.
You will fall in love with them!!

I wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Award & Christmas Tree

I'm very excited and happy to say that this blog
received a special "One Lovely Blog Award"
from a very famous celebrity,
Mr. George Clooney the Cat in
Clooney's Num-Num Fund !!

Mr. Clooney is a handsome, successful, and
very brilliant cat. Please check out his blog.
It is so funny, cute, and will take you into a unique, 
creative world. Also he looks like our kids :-)
I feel so honored that Mr. Clooney chose our
blog for the award out of many other wonderful
blogs. Thank you very much, Mr. Clooney!

* * *

Now, here is updates on my boys.


Last year, when Christmas was coming...

Goro was still a small, innocent child.
Niko was not with us, yet.

We have a small artificial tree in the house.
Goro helped me decorate it.

When we turned on lights in the Christmas tree,
it was so beautiful.

Goro was looking forward to seeing Santa Claus.
(He fell asleep before Santa came.)

We had a wonderful Christmas together.

This year.....

Goro, Niko, Christmas is coming soon.
Let's decorate the tree together.

Oh, no!
Kids, stop eating the tree!

(Their dad said "stop taking pictures and
do something about the situation.")

Hey! Someone chewed off the cord!
We can't light the tree.

(Fortunately, it was not plugged in.)

Kids, no Christmas tree this year!


Goro, you ate the Christmas tree.
I know you chewed off the cord, too.

What are you going to say to Santa
when he comes to see you? don't believe in Santa any more?

(I can't tell if he is still an innocent child
or just pretending to be innocent...)

Goro is right, though. And even without a tree,
we will have a wonderful Christmas.
What is important is that we are together :-)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dinner Table

I am cooking now, Goro.
It will be ready in a little while.

Uh, Goro...

You have your bottom in a side water bowl.

I think you killed the water, Goro.

When serving wet food,
I sometimes sprinkle crumbs of the chicken treat
over it, just like seasoning.

Both Goro and Niko like it.

Hey, Niko.

You have a crumb of chicken on your tail.

It's okay, Niko.

Goro, you also have a crumb on your nose.

Yes, but Goro....

You are a messy boy,
messy messy boy ~

Sorry, sorry!

As an apology...

How about another chicken treat dish 
for dessert?

Oh, Goro...

I think you killed your dinner!

There is always laughter at our dinner table.

It is happiness.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goro's Blog

Hello, this is Goro.

I am going to post a blog this week.

I am busy working full-time (being cute is my job) 
but I want to help Mom as she is too tired to blog.

Yes, Mom is back from a trip to Japan.
She brought a lot of souvenir for us, but we
were happy just because she was back safely.

I wanted her to rest, but she insisted on
playing with the new toys she got in Japan.

So here I am, playing with her.
That is a dragonfly.

Mom moves it and I chase!

It's fun. I like her new toy.

I ran all over the room, which made Mom smile.
I'm glad she had a good time.

There were many more toys. But I finally
managed to lay Mom to the bed.

I kept her company.
We took a nap together all day long.

I had a dream of eating a lot of snacks.
I hope Mom had a good dream, too.

When she woke up, she said "I missed you, Goro."
And I said,

"I love you, Mom."

*Last picture in Goro's blog was taken at a
pet shop in Japan. The cake is for doggies!