Monday, April 16, 2018

Gift from Japan

We received this gorgeous gift package
from N-Chan, our friend in Japan!

Goro helped me unpack the box.

Sorry, Goro. This is a dessert for humans.
(He DID try to eat it and I had to stop him!)

And Look! Isn't it the cutest cushion?

Niko loooved it :-)

Niko kneading the bread cushion.

Thank you, N-Chan!
We all enjoyed your wonderful gift!


Have a happy new week, everyone :-)

Monday, April 2, 2018

Nice Weekend

We had a nice weekend!

* Deck time *

Goro enjoyed smell of spring.

Niko was really in good mood.
Do you see his tummy making ♥ shape?

I had fruit salad for lunch.
Yum yum.

* Snack time *

Niko taking over Goro's plate.
(Very usual scene around here.)

Don't worry, Goro got another snack later!

* Nap time *

Niko napped in his cat-shaped cat bed.

Goro & I took a nap together.

I slept total of approx. 15 hours per day.
Yep, it was a very nice weekend!

Graphic with Goro & Niko

Have a happy new week :-)