Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bacon Mystery

It happened early in the morning.

Mrs. Eggs, housewife in suburban Georgia,
found her bacon gone missing.

Mrs. Eggs:
"It disappeared while I was in a bathroom."

As cat paw prints were found at the
crime scene, FBI began investigation.

*FBI (Feline Behavior Improvement):
Non-profit organization whose mission is to
improve naughty cat behavior

FBI agent: "Paw print matched one on our
database. We have a suspect."

FBI agent: "Goro. We found your paw prints
at the crime scene."

FBI agent: "You kidnapped the bacon.
Where is it?"

As FBI couldn't find evidence to link Goro
to kidnapping, they asked CI for help.

FBI agent: "That's it! We'll follow
Goro and catch him when he barfs."

And later...

FBI agent: "Goro, freeze!
We are gonna inspect that barf."

FBI agent: " just barfed cat grass.
But then, who took the bacon?"


Later that evening

FBI agent: "FBI!"

"Put your paws up, Niko!"


FBI agent: "Here is what happened."

"Niko is the one who kidnapped bacon."

"Then he conspired to frame Goro."

"Knowing cat grass would upset Goro's 
stomach, Niko provided disinformation."

FBI agent: "But he couldn't fool us.
Mrs. Eggs, here is your bacon."

Mrs. Eggs: "Um, that's an interesting

"This is not my bacon. It's a toy."

FBI agent: "What? Then, where is the bacon??"

Mr. Eggs: "Honey, I'm home."

Mrs. Eggs: "Oh, darling, glad you are home."

Mr. Eggs: "What's going on?"

Mrs. Eggs: "My bacon went missing and..."

Mr. Eggs: "Oh, yeah. I took it for snack
when I left for work this morning. I
was gonna ask but you were in bathroom.
You didn't mind, right?"

FBI agent: "Uh-oh..."


FBI agent: "We are so sorry,
Mr. Niko, Mr. Goro."

FBI agent: "Um..we'll make up for your trouble.
How about nice, non-salt turkey bacon for you?"

New FBI protocol:
"Always suspect human before accusing feline"

This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to real
names or organizations is purely coincidental :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Goro & Niko's raw food comes in a big container.

So I portion it into small bags and freeze them.
(This way, I can defrost only for the next meal.)

I do this food preparation on a weekly basis.
Of course, I'm not alone when I do that.

Yes, Goro. Do you want to try some?

Goro, calm down.

He performs the taste test.

Is it good?

Upon Goro's approval,
my weekly routine is complete!

Have a happy new week, everyone :-)