Monday, December 26, 2011

Friends and Christmas

Now Christmas is over, but I want to post
about what happened around the holiday :-)

First, we had Clooney Claus visiting our house from
Clooney's Num-Num Fund to bring us a special present!

He got us Liebster Blog Award!! "Liebster" means dear,
dearest, favorite or beloved in German. Isn't it sweet? We love
funny, handsome Mr. George Clooney and his beautiful secretary
Neytiri. And their wonderful human! She truly loves and cares
about her fur babies. Thank you so much and we love you!!


Another thing, I got a package from Japan.
It was sent by my dear friend from college, N-chan.

Goro, calm down.

Let me show you...
It's a 2012 calendar with kitty pictures!
(Sorry, Goro's head is in the way.)

A laser pointer. I can use it for presentation.
(Please ignore the gray blur.)

And my tube tent. 
I can use it when I go camping in summer.

Goro, these are mine. 
Would you stop acting like they are yours?

Do I? Uh...

Does it? will let me play with
your presents, right? Remember, sharing is good.

Thank you, N-chan, we all love your present.
Your friendship is the very precious and true gift for me!!


For Christmas dinner, I cooked tuna and chicken for kids.

Happy faces of Goro and Niko make me very happy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas :-)


The Liebster Blog Award wants us to pick five blogs
to pass it on. We have five of our dear friends we cherish.

Grrreta : Clarence and Ambrose are such adorable
brothers. We are looking forward to updates on everyone!

I am Matilda : Our doggy friend :-) We love Matilda's pretty
round eyes and beautiful scenery of places she goes.

Kitcaboodles : Mr Darcy and Sookie are funny, fluffy fur babies
we adore so much. They make us laugh and smile all the time :-)

Life with Fae : It's been "Life with Fae and Iggy" for a while.
They seem to kiss each other a lot :-) They are so cute together!

The Island Cats : Zoey, Ernie, and Wally are one of first 
friends we made. We always love visiting their fun-filled blog.
Thank you for always visiting us. We love you!

We wish you a very Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

Last weekend...

Goro, Niko, Dad, and I all went to a store.

It was "photo with Santa" event going on.
We had kids' picture taken with Santa.

And here are the photos...

Goro looks handsome and confident.
He enjoys any kind of excitement.

Niko looks a little uncomfortable.
He is shy around strangers.

Well done, Goro and Niko!
Did you ask Santa what you want for Christmas?

Maybe Goro didn't care about the man in a red suit. 
But looks like he asked real Santa what he wants.

Niko asked me to let Santa know his wish.

I put the photos in a living room.
They will stay as a happy memory with my kids.

I wish everyone a happy holiday season with 
your loved ones. Even if a distance or rainbow bridge
keep you apart, I believe you are together in hearts
and I hope lots of wonderful memories fill your heart.

Happy Holidays :-)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cleaning with Niko

Niko is cleaning himself.

I guess I have to start cleaning the house, too.

Thank you, Niko.
But you don't have to groom the house.

Don't fall, don't fall.

Let's go freshen your mouth.
I get you a special snack for helping me.

Niko sure polishes the house and makes 
it sparkle with his bright smile :-)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just Imagining

"Nessie" the Loch Ness monster

I found this legendary creature in my bathtub.

I'll be famous for this discovery.
I call it "Tubby" the Bathtub monster.

Not "Tabby," I mean "Tubby."

...Wait, you don't look like Nessie at all.


Well, my dream of becoming famous was shattered.
But I decided to keep him. 

He threatened me... I mean, 
convinced me to do so by his cuteness.



Oh, no way! Can he be...?

"Sphinx" the mythical creature

Not "Sphynx," I mean "Sphinx."

Sunday, November 27, 2011

On a Suitcase

I'm back from my short trip.

After I unpacked, Niko made himself
comfortable on my suitcase.

It's always great to come back home and
see my kids' happy (and even frowning) faces :-)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just for a Short Time

I was preparing for my upcoming short trip.

Oh, Goro, Niko... 
I am, but just for a short time.

Besides, I make sure you are happy while I'm away.

I've got new toys for Goro to play and kill 
so that he does not get bored.

I'm leaving my clothes with my scent around Niko's
sleeping spots so that he doesn't feel lonely.

I cooked chicken for Goro and Niko so that
they can enjoy a lot of snacks.


I can't be here to stop Goro from playing with
inappropriate toys and hurting himself.

I can't be here to make sure Niko is sleeping
in a comfortable position.

I can't be here to serve snacks for them
and have fun time together.

Oh, no... Goro, Niko.


Good thing is that Dad will stay home with kids.
I'll be thinking about them all the time while I'm away.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Turbo Track

I finally got the Turbo Track for my kids. I've seen
this at many blog friends' pages and always wanted one.

While I was assembling it, Goro kept me a company.

All set! Goro, you can play with it now.

Goro seems to enjoy Turbo Track very much. 
This toy was a good choice.

But soon he returned to the box.

Is it me or is Goro enjoying the box more?

Later in the evening...

And day after day, Goro continued a
good relationship with the box.

* "I love my box" song written by Goro

Until he began to eat it. 
We had to throw away the box.


But don't worry - Goro has moved on to another
box (and is ignoring the Turbo Track. Sigh...)