Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goro's 3rd Anniversary

Friday after work...

Let's stop by a store. Get favorite wine and cheese.

I love cheese, especially blue cheese. I enjoy the smell.

I picked up Gorgonzola cheese for this weekend.

Then back home, I opened my eco shopping bag and
realized I picked up something else by mistake.

Do you have such experience? 
I have many...I'm kind of absent-minded.

According to the product description,
this is a kind of cheese called Gorogonzola.

I thought about returning but he refused to leave.

Fine, at least he is supposed to bring fortune. I'll keep him.

Soon I found that Gorogonzola does produce
distinct smell. I'm not sure if I enjoy this smell, though.

He needs lots of boxes for ripening. 
There are empty boxes cluttered all over the place.

He also demands entertainment. 
The cost of keeping his favorite TV show is soaring.

It's getting harder and harder to keep him.
When will he bring fortune to us?


What is this, Gorogonzola?

The card? Your product description card?

I didn't think about looking at the back side.
See, that's why people say I'm absent-minded...

Oh, no!


Cheesy joke aside, we feel very fortunate
that Goro came into our life. We celebrated his
3rd Gotcha Day on September 22nd.

He is funny, cheerful, and makes us very happy.
He brings laughter and smile to our home every day.

Yes, he has brought us the real fortune :-)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Unidentified Foreign Object

Oh my, we had several uneasy days!

It was Thursday night prior to last weekend.
Goro was throwing up badly.

Since it was after office hours, we took him to emergency
hospital. There they found a foreign object in his body.

Goro received treatments (iv fluid, antibiotic, etc.) 
Doctor told us not to give him water/food for 12 hours.

Next morning, we visited our regular vet.

They didn't find anything bigger attached to the object.
It should pass and no need for surgical removal! Phew!

So back home, we served meal for Goro.

By this time, he got quite hungry.
Glad there was no vomiting after eating.

That night, Goro brought a present.
It was one of the most beautiful stools I've ever seen.

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything in it.
But Goro seemed to feel much better.

Following morning.
Back to vet as instructed on previous day.

On new X-ray, the foreign object was still there
but had moved. Doctor assured it'll  pass soon. 

So I kept opening Goro's present.
(By myself...even though Goro wanted to join.)

It was this Wednesday, I found something in his stool.
But it looked like just part of this the object?

There is one way to find out.

X-ray showed Goro's inside was clean and clear!
The foreign object is gone!

We've been careful not to leave harmful items out but...
We need to be more careful.

Please don't scare me like this again, Goro.

Need to be really, really careful.


We wish everyone an easy weekend!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bird TV

Goro & Niko's bird TV

Flying Food Network showing how to cook a stuffed bird
(Caption by Goro)

A squirrel often makes a guest appearance.

We enjoy watching Mr. Juicy's show.

(Again, caption by Goro)

Recently the TV station got a new cast : Miss Yummy.

Kids gather to watch her. 

Two squirrels together, I thought they would
show a family-friendly comedy or romantic drama.

I was wrong.

(Inappropriate words are censored.)

Because in the next scene,
(I couldn't capture image - should have set DVR.)

We didn't find a body.
I think the ground was soft enough to survive the fall.

It sure was an exciting episode, though.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


When Goro and Niko go out on the deck,
we have them wear harness.

That's because we are afraid they
might jump off the deck and hurt themselves.

However, they don't like wearing it.

So we decided to get an enclosure.

Goro immediately loved it.

I like it, too. It came with
many shelves for them to perch on.

Oops, I'm sorry.

As expected, Niko hesitated to come outside.

Come on, Niko.

It took many, many days before he came out,
but eventually he did.

I placed catnip plant so the enclosure will be
more fun. I'm planning to put more.

By the way, this is how it looked like before.
I was trying to grow catnip inside the house.

...Until I noticed this.

Yes, sir.

I hope Goro and Niko, and the catnip
will enjoy sunshine outside :-)