Sunday, November 27, 2016

Chillaxing Together

Chillaxing spots for Goro & Niko
on a bed in Cat's Room

As I posted before, Goro opted for
an empty surface.


Niko, always pursuing maximum comfort,
has been trying out various spots.


Fluffy mat 

Cat Bed

And you are still using empty spot, Goro?

Of course, I'm happy as long as Goro is comfy.

Even in the middle of the floor :-)

However, the other day...

Aw, Goro. Finally.
You are using a fluffy mat!

But more importantly,
you and Niko on the bed together!

Kids chillaxing together makes me happy.
Wherever they are :-)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cooking Selfie

I made chicken stock for Goro & Niko.

Then froze it in ice cube tray
to use in a small amount.

It added variety to my kitty snack recipe!

I made Coconut Chicken Soup.

Chicken Smoothie.

What should I make next?

I asked our CEO (Chief Eating Officer) Niko.

I decided to make a casserole.

Yes, Goro. Would you like to supervise?

You are such a good kitty!
Let's take cooking selfie together :-)

Set self-timer
* Snap snap snap *

OK, that's enough...

I saw that, Goro!

Goro is our beloved
CEO (Chief Etiquette Offender)♥  

Anyway, I enjoyed cooking and
kids enjoyed eating.

We wish you all a happy new week!