Sunday, February 11, 2018

Pretzel Cat

Goro loves to relax with
his body twisted.

I call him "Pretzel" when he is twisted
like that because pretzel is...twisted :-)

Not necessarily in that shape, Goro.

Anyway, finding Goro pretzel in the middle
of the floor always makes me giggle :-)

Here is a photo of him from 2009.
You can see that Goro began making
pretzel when he was kitten.

Goro in furr-mentation process.

Ready to shape the dough.

Getting twisted...

Be careful.
Goro pretzel may be hot!

Awww, I love my happy furry Pretzel.

But of course, I love Goro in any shape.

He is handsome & sweet, and my beloved
fur baby - there is no twist about that :-)