Saturday, March 31, 2012

We were on Vacation

About two weeks ago...

Goro, Niko, listen.

Your Dad and I are going away to go to Hawaii.
My friend will come to stay here and take care of you, OK?

Calm down, Goro.
Come out of the suitcase.

Niko, we will be back in just a week.

Besides, look.
I made T-shirts with your photos printed on.

We will wear them in Hawaii.
So you are traveling with us on T-shirts.

Probably not.....but it was a reflection of my
desire to take kids to Hawaii with us.

Goro and Niko T-shirt relaxing on the hotel balcony

Doting parents (not crazy couple)

Although we have to be physically separated
from time to time...

Goro and Niko are always with us in our hearts :-)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Niko's 2nd Anniversary

On February 28, we celebrated
Niko's 2nd Gotcha Day.

Since he came to our house two years ago,
he has been making tons of happy biscuits :-)