Sunday, October 22, 2017

Niko's 8th Birthday

Niko's tail tends to curl up
when he is happy.

Matatabi (Silvervine) certainly
makes him happy.

And Valerian.
Ah, the stinky & blissful treat.

Yes, it smells real BAD but Niko loves
this Valerian BonBon toy from Etsy shop.

One day, I got a bag of Valerian root from a
different shop. Kids must love it!

Here is Niko.
Come on. Go roll!

Well, it failed big time.

Clearly, not every Valerian is blissful.
(But equally stinky!)

That's fine. Just another failed toy
...among many others :-)


One afternoon. I found
Niko napping in his favorite spot.

I think he was having a good dream :-)

On October 25th, Niko turns 8 years old.

Darling Niko, you bring us happiness each
 day & every day, and we try our best to do the
same for you. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Saturday, October 7, 2017


As mentioned in this blog several times,
Goro always brings toys to his Dad.

Yes, they are gift for his Dad...because
Goro is such a Daddy's boy :-)

So when his Dad was going out of town, Goro
was determined to pack himself in the luggage.

Sadly, his attempt failed.

Goro, nooooo!

Boys, your Dad will be back soon.
Three of us will have fun, OK?

I was actually bit worried about Goro.
He might get depressed without his Dad.

So I made sure to keep him company in Living
Room (=Goro & Dad's usual hang out place).

Also, cooked extra snacks for the boys.

And got a new toy :-)


Something wonderful happened.

Goro's toys began to gather around bed,
which is my usual hang out spot.

Yes, Goro is bringing gift to ME!

I reported it to his Dad.
(Maybe he will get jealous!)

No, he seems amused.

Flirting continued...

Oh, my. Oh, my.
I felt so PAMPERED!


But of course, all the toys returned to
his Dad once he was home.

Goro, did all the flirting mean nothing to you?


Video to remember the pampered days :-)

YouTube link here if video doesn't play.

We wish you all a pampered day!