Sunday, November 27, 2011

On a Suitcase

I'm back from my short trip.

After I unpacked, Niko made himself
comfortable on my suitcase.

It's always great to come back home and
see my kids' happy (and even frowning) faces :-)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just for a Short Time

I was preparing for my upcoming short trip.

Oh, Goro, Niko... 
I am, but just for a short time.

Besides, I make sure you are happy while I'm away.

I've got new toys for Goro to play and kill 
so that he does not get bored.

I'm leaving my clothes with my scent around Niko's
sleeping spots so that he doesn't feel lonely.

I cooked chicken for Goro and Niko so that
they can enjoy a lot of snacks.


I can't be here to stop Goro from playing with
inappropriate toys and hurting himself.

I can't be here to make sure Niko is sleeping
in a comfortable position.

I can't be here to serve snacks for them
and have fun time together.

Oh, no... Goro, Niko.


Good thing is that Dad will stay home with kids.
I'll be thinking about them all the time while I'm away.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Turbo Track

I finally got the Turbo Track for my kids. I've seen
this at many blog friends' pages and always wanted one.

While I was assembling it, Goro kept me a company.

All set! Goro, you can play with it now.

Goro seems to enjoy Turbo Track very much. 
This toy was a good choice.

But soon he returned to the box.

Is it me or is Goro enjoying the box more?

Later in the evening...

And day after day, Goro continued a
good relationship with the box.

* "I love my box" song written by Goro

Until he began to eat it. 
We had to throw away the box.


But don't worry - Goro has moved on to another
box (and is ignoring the Turbo Track. Sigh...)