Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cinderella Cat Story

Once upon a time, there was
a homeless kitty named Goronderella.

He worked for mean Chicken Sisters 
in order to eat and live each day.

And one day...

On the night of adoption party.
Chicken Sisters dressed up and went to Castle.

Goronderella was left alone...

At the Castle

There were lots of yummy-looking food
that Goronderella has never eaten.

Queen: Oh, what a cute kitty you are!

Queen: Sweet baby, would you be my son?

So Goronderella became a prince - 
precious and beloved son of King and Queen. 

He invited Wizard Niko to Castle as his brother.

 And they all lived happily ever after :-)

 ~ Epilogue ~

Castle record book says mean Chicken Sisters were
"hired as kitchen staff" and they "fulfilled their role."

Every kitty is beautiful just the way they are. And
deserves their own Castle called Forever Home.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Food Game 2

Goro & Niko loves to play food game.

They (especially Niko) have become pretty good
at it, so I thought about trying something new.

OK, Niko. I put a snack in this box.

The box is light, which makes scooping snack difficult.

Niko successfully got it!

Now, turn for Goro.

Haha, it may be frustrating as box keeps moving.


Oh, no! Goro's face got stuck in the box!

I rescued Goro from the box.
Snack fell off and Goro was happy to eat it.
I'm glad the incident didn't seem to scare him.


It may have scared Niko out of his furs.

Mom's note: Goro & Niko always play food game under
supervision and bad box is now banned from the game!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Curly Tail

In my previous post, I mentioned Niko's tail
tends to get curled up when he is happy.

Thought I'd share more pictures of his curly tail...

Niko's happy kneading time

 Window whiffie

Enjoying catnip quilt
*This catnip quilt is made by talented Ms. Stacy Hurt

And an extra; Goro's remote controlled tail

No, just kidding :-)

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy Weekend

We had sunny Saturday!

Niko enjoyed bathing in the sun.

When he is happy, Niko's tail tends to get curled up.

What a gorgeous tummy :-)

Sleepy Goro's cute face.

Sunday was cloudy and bit cold.
Perfect day to be lazy.

Goro's tummy got extra fluffy :-)

We hope you had a nice relaxing weekend, too!