Sunday, July 8, 2018


Hello, this is Niko.

How are you? We are all fine although
Mom hasn't updated our blog lately.

So instead of blogging, what is Mom doing?

Well, Goro will show you by
doing her impression!

~ Goro's "Mom" impression #1 ~

Yep, napping. Napping!

Every time she tries to do blog, this happens.

~ Goro's "Mom" impression #2 ~

Mom thinks her sleepiness is caused by lack of
energy. Here is her attempt to boost energy level.

~ Goro's "Mom" impression #3 ~

And now you know. Our blog update
is hampered by Mom's nap time!

So... What are we gonna do about it?

Well, because we cats take
napping seriously...

Mom's note: I admit I sleep like a cat!