Sunday, January 30, 2011

Award & 7 Facts

Hello, it's Goro and Niko.

Usually our Mom posts a blog but this time
we will, because we got a special award from
Also wonderful Lucy and Sam in A Tale of 2 Kitties
left us a comment that they want us to have
this award. Thank you, Admiral, Lucy, and Sam
for thinking about us! 

This award wants us to tell 7 things that people out
in blog land may not know. OK, here we go.

Niko: I sometimes pretend I don't feel like eating
so that Mom puts a little snack in my bowl.

Goro: I sometimes pretend I don't feel like eating
so that Mom spoon-feeds me.

Goro: I tried to chew up Mom's cabin kennel
to stop her from going on a trip.

Niko: I saw Goro chewing up Mom's
snack-case and I was going to tell her.
...But I didn't, because
I didn't want her to go away either.

Niko: I'm half-Japanese because Mom is Japanese.
I am studying Japanese to surprise Mom
by speaking her native language.

Goro: I'm half-Japanese because Mom is Japanese.
But Niko is not
because he was adopted when he was a baby.


Finally #7
Goro & Niko: Anyone, regardless of
who you are or where you are from, can make a
real happy family. (We don't need to be related by birth
 or belong to the same species.) All we need is love :-)

Oh, we just realized #7 does not apply to
"a thing people may not know" because all of you
here already know it!

Here is another #7
Our Dad is allergic to cats so he gets allergy shots
to be around us. He loves us so much!! 

Now, we want to pass this award on to 7 blogs
that are stylish. We wanted to pick more than 7
but this award wants us to pick only 7. So hard.

Have a happy weekend!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Goro's Toy

Goro is an adorable boy.

But his true identity is a serial toy killer.

Victim #1 Big bird
Stuffing is coming out, not foaming at the mouth

Victim #2 Rat
Face is eaten. Too graphic to show without mosaic.

Victim #3 Feather toy (Left)
Same toys: Right is new, left is after being attacked.

They are just the tip of an iceberg.
Goro is looking for the next victim,
and toys are trembling with fear.

"How long will this toy killing spree continue?"
"Who will be the next victim?"

Meanwhile, Niko is enjoying his kneading time.

*Kneading song "Holiday Biscuit" written by Niko


Niko? Is something wrong?

I hope Goro knows Niko is not a toy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Day

Earlier this week...

I found Goro moving like a snake.


Ah, he was after a bird outside.

We can, Goro.
But you have to get dressed first.
And you can't hunt that bird.

We had a heavy snow here in Southeastern U.S.

To go out, Goro has to wear harness.

Goro, I've seen you jumping around
in that harness before. Let's go.
(He is kind of a drama queen.)

Anyway, as he is dressed properly, we went outside.

But it was so cold that we came back in 3 minutes.
It's not a good idea to go out
on such a cold, snowy day.

By the way, I haven't seen Niko...

Goro, do you know where Niko is?

After occupying the spot in front of fireplace
and warming himself, Goro went upstairs.

For a while, though, neither he nor Niko came back
to downstairs, so I went to check on them.

Maybe they are snuggling up to
each other on a bed :-)
It's a good way to warm up
on such a cold, snowy day.

.....No, they are not on a bed.

Where did they go?

I hear a noise coming from the bathroom.

Ah, there they are, dancing.

It's another good way to warm up
on such a cold, snowy day.


Snow has mostly melted around where I live
by this weekend. I hope everyone who has snow
stay warm and safe, and everyone who does not
have snow also stay comfortable and safe.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Caring Goro

I imagine toys do not like being played by Goro.

I think so because Goro sometimes
gets a little rough when playing.

Soaking of a toy is often followed by tearing.

(By the way, Goro. You don't have to bring
the WET toy to us in the MIDNIGHT.) attacking necessary?

Goro tends to groom Niko during fight or attack.
(I don't understand why.)

I know Niko does not like being groomed by Goro.

I think it's because Goro sometimes
gets a little rough when grooming.

Grooming Niko is often followed by biting.

But I think Goro is a caring brother after all.
...I think.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Niko loves to play on the bed
in the guest bedroom.

I move the wand toy under a blanket,
and Niko chases it!

Goro does not "join."
He takes over.

After playing comes a grooming time.

We wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and
wonderful New Year!!