Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Load of the Rings

I lost my wedding ring.

It vanished, like a puff of smoke.
Searched everywhere - home, office, car.
But no luck.

Well, everywhere except...

Goro... Do you have it?

You did try to snatch the ring before.

Because of Goro's curious nature,
I keep my ring in a ring box when at home.

But if...

The idea of Goro having ring, which
could hurt him, freaked me out.

We took him to the Vet for x-ray.

We knew Niko wouldn't take the ring.

Result - Goro didn't have the ring!

Phew! It certainly
took a huge load off my mind...

Now I probably need to get a new ring.

Sigh... I don't like spending $$$ on a piece
of jewelry. I'd rather buy stuff for kitties.

No way!

Then I found this cute ring online.
$24.99 + shipping!

It's a purrfect ring for me :-)

P.S. My wedding ring is still missing. I guess
it slipped off from finger while washing
hands (which happened before) somewhere.
Husband kindly suggested to get a new one,
but I'm quite happy with this cat ring :-)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Treat & Treat

Hello, everyone!
I hope you had a fun Halloween!

We didn't do anything special.
Just enjoyed a quiet day...

Well, we had one visitor :-)

We don't do costume, but I have
a bad habit of putting toys (light & soft)
on kids (only if they let me.)


This photo was taken in July this year.

Recently, I found this photo from 2010.
I do need to grow up...

We didn't do trick-or-treat, either.
But enjoyed treat-and-treat :-)

It was a nice quiet Halloween.

And look!! We were one of the lucky winners

Super cute Halloween cards starring famous
Maxwell & Faraday of A Tonk's Tail... err, Tale!

Thank you, Connie & Lisa, we LOVE the cards!