Monday, December 26, 2016

Light the Tree

Last year, we had this tower.
Only place where Christmas tree could
sit safely from Goro.

Based on experience, dear.

This year, though, tower was replaced by
a cabinet - with full access to the top.

Now the question:
Where do we put the tree?

We came up with this solution.

It's really to keep YOU safe, Goro :-)

We hope everyone enjoyed
fun & safe Christmas!



Goro & Niko

Let there be a light wherever you are!

Sunday, December 18, 2016


"Kotatsu" is a heating appliance
widely used in Japan.

We got one for this winter.

First thing first.
We Goro-proofed its electric cord.

Now it's safe to use!

Oh, Goro. Not that we don't trust you.
We KNOW you'd destroy it :-)

By the way, Kotatsu is very popular
among kitties in Japan.

Goro is no exception!

Soon he brought his favorite toys in.
(Goro loves to carry them around.)

Even when heat is not on...

By the way, Niko hasn't used Kotatsu yet.

...Hopefully, he will some day!

We hope everyone stays nice and comfy.
Have a happy new week!