Sunday, April 24, 2011

Be Strong

Goro has nothing to fear.

Compared to him, Niko is very sensitive.

But he has to have a tough skin
in order to live with Goro.

Niko learned a lot and now he has become
much stronger both mentally and physically.

He even chases Goro and 
makes an active attack in a play-fight.

Still, Goro is the big brother who
Niko looks up to.

I'm sure Niko will catch up to Goro some day :-)


By the way, Goro uses our bed as his airport.
I happened to be in the bed twice in a past when
he flew and he landed on my FACE both times.

Well...I guess I have to have a tough skin
(literally) in order to live with Goro.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tap Water

Like many other kitties,
Niko does not like getting wet.

When being bathed, he gets scared and fights
as if it is the end of the world. 

(We discontinued giving bath for now as it is too
stressful for Niko and replaced it with cat wipes.)

So I was pleasantly surprised when
he began to show interest in running water at sink.

Of course, Niko!
Let me turn on the faucet.

Is it good, Niko?

Hey, your hair...

Niko, your hair is standing up!

Are you okay?

Uh...should I stop water?
You look kind of frightened.

I wonder if Niko is interested in running water
but at the same time terrified of getting wet.


As for Goro, 
he does not like getting wet, either. 

When being bathed, he gets uncomfortable and screams 
as if it is the end of the world.

But he does not mind having a wet head.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I got this toy the other day.
Kitties on a box looked very happy, and
I wanted my kids to have fun.

As expected, Goro came to check out the new toy.

Thank you, Goro. 
But I don't think I need the instruction.
It's pretty easy to put together.

No, I didn't mean it's ready.
Let me put the ball on a platform.

Goro, you are supposed to let 
butterflies fly out of the ball.

Now you can play. Go!

Yes, yes. You can dance, too.
Like the kitties on a box!

Don't you want to dance, Goro?


...It turned out the toy had a
sleep-inducing effect on Goro.

His reaction was different from what I expected. 
I think he enjoyed it, though.

Niko ran away from the toy.
(It was kind of expected as his first reaction.)
Maybe I will report back when 
he decides to play with it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful Crime

It was found in a water fountain
on early Sunday afternoon.

Looks like it is someone's eye.

Later the body was found under a dining table 
about 5 feet from the crime scene.

Upon determination that a kitty is responsible
 for the murder, FBI began investigation. 

*FBI (Feline Behavior Improvement):
Non-profit organization whose mission is to
help households owned by a naughty cat
by improving his/her behavior.

FBI conducted interviews with toys,
but they kept silence.

FBI agent: "These toys must be controlled with fear."

But they got a solid information from
a source who refused to be identified.

(Mr. N, speaking on condition of anonymity)

FBI agent: "Bathroom! Let's go!"

They ran to the bathroom and
saw fierce act of vandalism.

FBI Agent: "Oh my gosh...
He is eating bathroom tissue."

They managed to capture suspect Goro.

FBI Agent: "No, we are going to teach you
how to behave nicely. You will learn playground
manners, table manners, etc..."

FBI Agent: "Save it, Mr. Goro. We don't take bribes."

FBI Agent: "Wha...what?"

FBI Agent: "Really?
I mean, stop right there, Mr. Goro."

FBI Agent: ".........."


FBI concluded it was not a murder but a suicide.

FBI Agent: "It was a, uh, very
difficult case. But there is no wrongdoing in this house."

This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to real
names or organizations is purely coincidental!